Viewing: Clean Air House Plants

The Parlor Palm: Chamaedorea elegans

The parlor palm is one of the few palms which make a good house plant, able to adapt to the indoor lifestyle, the parlor palm lives well to its name and will make a wonderful addition to your parlor (do people have parlor rooms these days?). Made popular in the Victorian era when they still […] Read More

The Spider Plant: Chlorophytum comosum

Most likely introduced to Europe by the Swede, Carl Peter Thunberg during the 18th century, the Spider plant is native to South and West Africa. It's thought that Carl discovered this plant on one of his many travels to Capetown. It wasn't until the Victorian era when this plant really took off, being displayed in […] Read More

The Snake Plant: Sansevieriea trifasciata

  If you have a history of killing plants, completely lack the skills of keeping anything green alive, detest it when people say you should own a plant before owning a pet (pets are so much easier!), then the snake plant is for you. This is a great entryway into the world of green and […] Read More

Peace Lily House Plant: Spathiphyllum

The Peacy Lily house plant is the option for all seeking clean air, easy to care for plants and of course, some peace. These are a beautiful species, offering your home a break from the mundane green on green on green that many of the other flora and fauna offer. History First arriving in Europe […] Read More

The English Ivy House Plant: Hedera Helix

During the late 1980's, NASA began studying houseplants as a way to filter air for space stations. What they found is that many different common houseplants do an incredible job of purifying our air space. The plants are able to filter out certain harmful chemicals and are a cheap way to strain out the crap […] Read More