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The Top 5 Aromatherapy And Essential Oils For Snoring

Snoring is one of the biggest reasons we don’t get enough sleep, affecting over 90 million adults and forcing us to kick our noisy spouses out of the bedroom every night due to their thunderous breathing. It provides great material and fodder at the dinner table with family and friends, leading to endless jokes about […] Read More

A Guide To The Best Essential Oils For Acne And Scars

I never expected to have to deal with acne as an adult. Didn’t I suffer enough as a teen? And yet here I am, a full-fledged adult getting ready for work when I see it: an angry red bump, the telltale sign of a budding zit. Awesome. Although acne is often associated with teenagers, it […] Read More

Essential Oils For Arthritis, Joint Pain, And Inflammation

Countless numbers of people suffer from the effects of arthritis and its subsequent symptoms. The daily pain, stiffness, and inflamed joints inhibit people’s actions, sidelining them from their favorite daily activities. For many, instead of enjoying their retirement years, they're forced to slow down way before their time. But who wants to slow down when […] Read More

Essential Oils For Thyroid Health And Hypothyroidism: A Guide

As a big advocate for natural, alternative remedies to ailments and diseases, I have found myself turning to the use of essential oils quite often. Essentials oils are herbs that have been extracted from their plant form into a liquid form, making them extremely potent, and are often used on the skin or in a […] Read More

The Best Calming Essential Oils For Anxiety And Stress

At some point in our lives, anxiety has affected us all. From the anxiety of our jobs, socializing, transitions, life and death, there are countless moments when we have all endured the feeling of anxiousness, nerves running down our spine, stomachs knotting up or a wave of nausea drowning our senses. No one is immune. […] Read More

What Are The Best Essential Oils For Sleep And Insomnia?

Sleep is the most important activity, or should I say, lack of activity we can do for our health. It’s necessary to revitalize our minds, rejuvenate our bodies, and repair any damage done throughout the days, weeks and years of living. In fact, I’d say sleep is the ultimate health supplement! People often think of […] Read More

The Best Essential Oils For Fertility

Having a child is one of the most poignant and exciting times in our lives (if we decide to have one, that is) and when it's time to go ahead and start planning our child-filled futures, the topic of fertility will most definitely come up. There are many variables that will play a role in […] Read More

What Are The Best Essential Oils For Headaches And Migraines?

Headaches are some of the most common disorders among the US population, with over half of the United States suffering at least one headache in the past year. These painful, annoying and sometimes debilitating ailments are often overlooked as a fact of life, with millions of people popping over-the-counter pills in order to relieve themselves […] Read More

The Best Essential Oils And Brands: A Buyer’s Review Guide

In the health world, it can often be difficult to decipher which claims are true and which are false proclamations of future vitality and well-being. We see advertisements for medications, supplements, protein shakes and powders--and wonder-- where do we even begin? Luckily, when it comes to herbs and essential oils, these claims are trusted and […] Read More

The Most Useful Essential Oils For Menstrual Cramps And PMS

We are all familiar with that unwanted discomfort that arrives before the dreaded ‘time of the month’ whether it be fatigue, bloating, skin issues, emotional changes, breast tenderness, cramps, or all of the above Oh, the joys of being a woman! In the avoidance of turning to generic painkillers and medication, there are many different ways […] Read More

How To Dry Herbs

When growing herbs in your kitchen or garden, we have aspirations of using these glorious ingredients in our Tuesday night pesto or Saturday evening curry. But aside from using our herbs immediately after harvesting, how can we keep them fresh for longer? What's a gardener to do? Good news! Keeping your herbs fresh and useful […] Read More

How Adaptogens Are Going To Save Our Health And Help Us Age Gracefully

Adaptogens Or Bust Adaptogens are some of the most wondrous, unusual herbs on this planet. They're incredible little miracles packaged up as twigs and leaves, put on this beautiful green earth to keep us thriving and healthy. They're like little health elves, sent into your body to keep you vibrant and strong making sure you […] Read More

Purslane: Ma Chi Xian

A common weed found all over the United States and beyond, Purslane is more than just an annoying pest, it's a healing medicinal worth much praise. In China, Purslane is known as Ma Chi Xian, and has numerous health benefits. In the US, this plant is known to tolerate all kinds of soil and weather, […] Read More

Rhodiola Rosea: The Amazing Chinese Adaptogen

As an herbalist of the Chinese medical tradition, Rhodiola is one of my favorite herbs. Known as hong jing tian in Chinese, it came from an arsenal of Tibetan medicine and is most famous for its use in patients suffering from altitude sickness. In Chinese medicine, Rhodiola is known as a cold and sweet herb […] Read More

How To Grow Turmeric At Home

Turmeric One of my absolute favorite medicinal herbs, I put turmeric on a medicinal pedestal, as it has an amazing myriad of health benefits, many of which are still being discovered today. As a Chinese medical practitioner, turmeric is on the top 10 list of favorite herbs, and in my belief, everyone should be ingesting […] Read More

How To Make Witch Hazel Extract

Okay, so you decided to buy and grow your very own Witch Hazel bush and start an herbal pharmacy right there in the living room of your third-floor walkup apartment. You can read about buying and growing your very own Witch Hazel bush here. But now that you're growing these wonderful and amazing plants and […] Read More

Why You Need The Common Witch Hazel Plant; To Buy, To Gift And To Use.

Common Witch Hazel is a medicinal bush native to North America which has often been used medicinally. Look how beautiful the leaves are with yellow and red coloring and hair like leaves just asking to be braided. What is Common Witch Hazel? Native Americans have used Witch Hazel medicinally for ailments such as skin irritations, […] Read More

How To Grow Mushrooms At Home: A Guide

Mushrooms are some of the most amazing things on this planet and constantly astound me. While not necessarily house plants, mushrooms are organisms that have evolved with humans for thousands and thousands of years. They help us heal, prevent cancer, can help create safe pesticides, clean up oil spills, and more. The amount these funky fungi […] Read More

The Best Herbs to Grow Indoors During Winter

  For those of us who live in cold weather climates, we don't have the same advantages when it comes to our fair weather friends in sunnier environments. We must deal with sleet, snow, clouds, painstaking cold, blizzards, polar vortexes and I wouldn't change it for the world. However, I wish I could grow more […] Read More

How Do You Grow Lavender Indoors?

Lavender is an amazing plant and medicinal. It looks nice, smells amazing, and helps heal the body. Lavender is used in soaps, shampoos, perfumes, essential oils and more. Known to help ailments such as insomnia, anxiety, and depression, lavender is not only good to help cleanse the body but also the mind and spirit. Research […] Read More

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