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Best Indoor Plants That Grow In Water

Indoor plants that grow in water

indoor plants that grow in waterIf you’re not the soil type, or just don’t want to deal with the mess of growing plants in dirt, how about trying indoor plants that grow in water? Your cats won’t use them as litter boxes, you don’t have to worry about the right kind of soil, and you never have to worry about watering them.

Growing plants in water is the ultimate way for beginning gardeners to get their start! Green thumb or not, you’re guaranteed success and get to enjoy the same benefits as plants grown in soil. So sit back, relax and enjoy watching your water plants grow!

Our Favorite Plants That Grow In Water

PicturePlantWhy We Like ItFind On Amazon
Best indoor plants that grow in waterChinese EvergreenClean air plant, a unique tapestry of colors, fantastic indoor decoration, easy to care for.Find On Amazon
Indoor plants that grow in waterEnglish IvyClean air plant, easy to care for, vine, grows easily.Find On Amazon
Indoor plants that grow in waterJadeClassic indoor plant, does not need a lot of watering, low maintenance, wonderful succulent.Find On Amazon
Indoor plants that grow in waterPeace LilyClean air plant, beautiful flowers, very hardy.Find On Amazon
indoor plants that grow in waterGolden PothosClean air plant, easy to grow.Find On Amazon
INdoor plants that grow in waterPhilodendronClean air plant, a classic representation of house plants, one of my favorites!Find On Amazon
indoor plants that grow in waterSpider PlantClean air plant, hardy, unique look!Find On Amazon


Indoor plants that grow in waterAdvantages of Indoor Plants that Grow in Water

  1. You can never overwater or underwater! (The number one killer of house plants)

  2. Pest infestation and diseases are a thing of the past.

  3. Don’t have to worry about root rot.

  4. Your cats won’t use them as their new litter box.

  5. Low Maintenance.

Growing plants in water is very similar to hydroponic farming, a type of farming where crops are grown in a mixture of water and liquid nutrients. While hydroponic farming is done with two pots (one with an inner and outer pot) you can grow your plants with one simple pot. Hydroponic farming has become incredibly popular in the last several decades as advancements in gardening allow us to grow plants and food in places we’ve never thought possible. Imagine vertical farms, where every floor grows a different crop. We are living in an era of immense innovation, and finding new ways to do old things is becoming the new ideal.

With this in mind, there is always questions regarding these techniques and we’ve got you covered!

Can I Transfer Plants that are in Soil into Water?

Yes. You can easily move your “soil plant” into a vase or pot of water. Make sure the soil is dry so the transfer becomes a lot easier. Remove the plant from the pot and remove as much dirt as you can from its roots.

Making New Plants

If you don’t want to completely move a plant from soil to water, you can clip off a segment from the existing plant and place it in a jar filled with water. Make sure you cut below the leaf, called the leaf node, where the most concentration of rooting hormone within the plant is active.

Why Do I See So Many Pebbles in Water Gardens?

indoor plants that grow in waterPebbles are just a decorative medium used in a lot of water gardens. Sometimes they’re used to help anchor plants in the vase. Make sure they are properly rinsed through before using them and place them in the container. Place a layer on the bottom of the container as a base and hold the plant over the container to carefully spread the roots across the pebbles. Once the roots are in place, gently fill the container up with your pebbles/stones.

A Note On Water

Some plants can take the harshness of tap water just fine, but remember, it’s void of any nutrients the plant needs to grow and be happy. It also has chlorine and fluoride which may keep your plant from flourishing. You could add liquid fertilizer to the plant or use bottled spring water or well water. Plan to change your water once per month.


indoor plants that grow in water

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Basically, any glass jar you have lying around will do. Use what works best aesthetically for your home and your needs. However, make sure the jar is see-through so the roots can get some light. If you want to go low maintenance, mason jars work just fine. If you want to be more creative, take some glass terrariums and place them on your wall for some decorative art. It doesn’t have to be difficult to be original, and plants don’t just have to go on your window-sill. This is a great example of plants acting as art and using your whole home as a canvas for beautiful plants.

Fancy Containers

If you want something that looks fancy rather than the homegrown, DIY look of a Mason jar, you can always live it up with a fish tank/planter. Want to grow plants and look at fish at the same time? Don’t listen to what anyone says, you CAN have it all! This thing is amazing, a two in one aquaponic/fish tank, you can show off to all your friends the benefits of growing plants in your goldfish pond.

indoor plants that grow in water

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Houseplants Or Herbs?

Your classic houseplants aren’t the only things that thrive without soil, herbs do too! In general, herbs are very well suited for growing in water. Some even grow so fast they see a new leaf daily. Mint, oregano, basil and rosemary are fast growing indoor herbs. Lavender and Sage are also great herbs for growing indoors. What’s great about growing herbs in your home is the constant abundance of healthy foods and spices. You’ll never be without oregano for your pizza or basil for your mozzarella. And there’s nothing more fulfilling than eating something you’ve grown yourself. You can even get crafty and create essential oils for yourself, the opportunities never end. I like to have a mix of herbs and plants in my home, and depending on my needs, I’ll switch it around. However, because I own a cat and I don’t want her using my potted plants as her new toilet, I tend to have more plants in water than I do plants in dirt.

PictureHerbWhy We Like ItBuy Here
herbs that grow in waterMintA classic herb, mint goes great with mojitos and hot summer days. It's also a great digestive aid.Find On Amazon
indoor plants that grow in waterOreganoGreat on pizza, oregano also is known to treat menstrual cramps and UTI'sFind On Amazon
indoor plants that grow in waterBasilGreat with mozzarella, basil is known to be an antibacterial!Find On Amazon
Indoor plants that grow in waterRosemaryA favorite herb of mine, rosemary is antibacterial, and antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and more.Find On Amazon
indoor plants that grow in waterLavenderThe most popular herb in the world, lavender can do almost anything while smelling amazing. Use this for better sleep, to relax, and unwind.Find On Amazon

 House plants That Grow in Water:

Growing plants indoors have never been easier, and more and more people are looking for easier and more cost effective ways to decorate their homes. Not to mention, many of the plants we place in our homes clean our air! While we spend 90% of our time indoors, we are also breathing in old, stale and polluted air. Plants are a great way to clean out the toxic, harmful chemicals found in our furniture, carpets, and common household appliances. You can’t go wrong by adding plants into your home.

It’s time to stop reading and start planting in water! It’s easy, clean and incredibly useful. Have fun and plant on!

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