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The Golden Pothos: Scindapsus aureus

Golden Pothos

Probably one of the most house plant-iest of house plants, the Golden Pothos looks like it belongs in your foyer. With bright green and yellow leaves, these plants are some of the most recognizable house decorations around. Also known as Devil’s Ivy, Golden Pothos originates from the Southeast Asia and the West Pacific.

If you enjoy climbing plants, the Golden Pothos will meet your rising needs. Indoors or outdoors, you can enjoy the Pothos as it is adaptable and easy to care for.

Light: This easily adaptable plant can live under lower light conditions or bright, filtered light. This is an ideal bathroom plant, so enjoy it looking down on you while showering. The more sun available to the Pothos, the more you’ll be able to see and enjoy the yellow variegations of the plant. However, don’t place it under direct sun.

Water: Keep the soil relatively moist, but don’t overwater it! Due to its shallow root system, their relative needs for water are a lot less. Water freely during the growing season and slow down in the winter. When watering, don’t soak the soil but rather water lightly around the pot.

Fertilizer: You can use a balanced fertilizer monthly, a good option is here.

Soil: You have options for the Golden Pothos, as it can be grown in water or in dry soil. Cuttings can be taken from the “mother plant” and put in water as a house plant. Or, you can place them in soil, enjoying a more outdoor experience.

Poison: Great plants as they are, it’s important to keep in mind that they are not pet-friendly or child-friendly for that matter. Rarely fatal, if ingested it can cause vomiting. Even the sap of the plant may cause people to break out in a rash.

Pruning: As the vines get longer and longer and start overtaking your home, you can trim the longest vines back almost to the soil just above the leaf node. This will promote new vines to start and will keep the plant from becoming too leggy or sparse. We don’t want any skinny minies around.

Bugs: You may have a problem with mealybugs, a very common bug infestation of the Golden Pothos plant. Keep a lookout for these critters, especially when you bring your new plant friend home. They are oval in with a somewhat flat body and 6 legs. If you have a sticky plant, this may be due to mealybugs. They tend to secrete a sticky substance, yummy. When you bring a new plant home, wash it down with a mixture of water and rubbing alcohol. 10 parts water to one part alcohol, apply it to the top and lower leaves and stem surfaces.

golden pothos

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