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The Chicago Hardy Fig Tree

The Chicago Hardy Fig Tree

Why You Need to Know About the Chicago Hardy Fig Tree

The Chicago Hardy Fig tree is one of my favorite indoor plants, mostly because it hails from my hometown of Chicago. We can’t claim to have a lot of unique or fun plants originating from our borders, so having a fig tree calling Chicago home is quite exciting. And not only are they beautiful to look at, but the figs are sweet and delicious to eat and shove in your mouth, fig after fig after fig.

The Chicago Hardy Fig tree is probably one of the hardiest fig trees around, and you better believe it if it hails from the Polar Vortex capital of Chicago. Surviving a winter here is worth a gold star, and so you must believe that a fig tree with northern origins is just as hearty as its people. The Chicago hardy fig tree won’t let you down, and it can freeze over and STILL come back to life the next spring, giving you even more delicious fruits you would never believe possible.

Chicago Hardy Fig Tree

This fig tree can reach heights up to 30 feet outside, but can be maintained and trimmed to as small as 6 fett tall. What’s more, the tree produces tons of figs for you to share with your favorite famiy and friends, no need to ration your figs. Late summer and early fall is when you’ll see the majority of these delicious figs, even after the first season of planting. You will be able to yield as much as 100 pints of figs each season, so start gathering recipes because you’ll have way more figs than you’ll know what to do with them.

If growing in a container, a 10 to 15-gallon pot will be good for this plant’s growth and final home.

Light: The Chicago hardy enjoys full to partial light and it will actually produce sweeter fruit the more sun it sees. Make sure it gets at least 6-8 hours of light with some shade.

Water: Make sure to keep the soil moist but not soggy in order to avoid root rot.

Fertilizer: Especially during growing season, make sure to feed them at least once per month and more when they are fruiting. You can get good fertilizer here.

Where to Buy: You can buy a great quality Chicago Hardy Fig Tree Online at the Nature Hills Nursery online. They are a trusted resource for finding all types of trees and orchids and make sure to only send you the best quality trees. They’ve been doing this since 1938, so I tend to highly trust them.

Chicago Hardy Fig

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