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Give the Gift of Plants for the Holidays

Plants As Gifts For The Holidays

If you’re struggling on what to buy your favorite person this holiday season, plants are always a great idea. They brighten up the room, are a beautiful sight to see and even clean the air! Plants are great gift ideas, and you don’t have to buy them a houseplant to make their day or spend 100 dollars for a bouquet of roses that will end up dying in a few days anyway. They are pretty, though!

Here’s Some Great Plant Gift Ideas For Your Loves Ones This Holiday Season

DIY Houseplant Boquet:

If you’re on a budget and can’t spend a ton of money on plants that will wither away on your loved one’s desk, why not try and give them the gift of house plants? You can make a DIY plant-gift by simply redecorating the plastic pot!


Plants as gifts

Basically, take a small houseplant that you have either grown from a seed, or bought at the store and then gift it to friends! You can wrap the plastic planters they give you in Christmas themed paper or make yourself an eco-wrapped plant by making your own planter out of corrugated cardboard.

Christmas Plants

You can also just buy someone plants that are known for their holiday cheer around Christmas. You know the ones, Poinsettias! Yes, these are THE Christmas plants and bring holiday joy all over the place. Poinsettias are a beautiful reminder of the holiday season with their bright red color. However, they are not friendly to pets. Poinsettias are poisonous to our furry friends, so keep this in mind when gifting these beautiful yet dangerous plants. Beauty is always dangerous. 


With proper care, you can enjoy Poinsettias for weeks before they perish. To keep them looking alive and fresh, make sure you place them in a window with proper light. A sunny, south-facing window or bright filtered light is needed. Also, don’t allow them to press against a cold window pane, as this can damage the leaves. Keep them in temperatures between 68 and 70 degrees Fahrenheit—they are native to warm climates and don’t handle the cold well.

In terms of watering, keep them evenly moist and never let them sit in water—make sure to empty their saucers when it fills up with H2O. While the plant is flowering, don’t fertilize. However, after the plant has finished blooming, apply an all-purpose fertilizer weekly until early spring.

FYI: There’s a whole YouTube channel dedicated to Poinsettia’s from the UK and it’s kind of amazing. Why Poinsettias? Who knows.

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Poinsettias Can Bloom Again

If you are able to give Poinsettias proper care during the holidays, good news! You’ll be able to get them to bloom again. And if you want to chuck the poinsettias out with the old Christmas tree and wrapping paper, be my guest. Some folks don’t want reminders of the holidays during the rest of the year. However, if you are in the camp that wants to keep Poinsettias year round, here’s how.

Winter: Grow the poinsettia as a house plant and keep it evenly moist in bright light.

Spring: In late February or early March, cut back on each of the old flowering stems to about 4 to 6 inches in height. This will promote new growth.

Summer: Repot your plant in May to a slightly larger pot. Water it well and place in a sunny window. When there is no more danger of frost and nighttime temperatures are above 60 degrees Fahrenheit, you can place the plant outdoors in a shady spot in an outdoor flowerbed, or just keep it potted. Morning sun is just fine. Keep the plant growing all summer long by regular watering and fertilizing every two weeks with a complete soluble fertilizer.

Fall Dark/Light Regimen: Starting in October, poinsettias will need to follow a STRICT light and dark regimen to produce their wonderful color. Give them 13 to 16 hours of complete and uninterrupted darkness followed by bright light—-it’s gonna get artificial in this regimen! A good idea is to place them in a dark closet when they need complete darkness or cover with a box or paper bag. Then at dawn, move them or uncover them so they can get their 8 hours of sunlight. If you don’t have enough light, grow lights are where it’s at!

Can you give plants by mail?

If you live far away from the ones you love, don’t be afraid to send plants by mail. I do it all the time, and some easy ways to accomplish this is simply with Amazon. They have unique gift options and are able to send the plants directly to the person you love. I trust their speediness, so don’t feel worried about plants dying or perishing enroute.


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