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Fittonia: Acanthaceae

The Fittonia Houseplant, a Wonderful Addition To Your Home


The Fittonia house plant is one of my absolute favorite plants for your home. The beautifully veined leaves and the colorful notes are a lovely statement for your home, office or nook. If you want the tropical look, go for the Fittonia and you won’t be disappointed. My favorite is the pink veined Fittonias, they are amazing to look at with their bright contrasting colors and leaves.

Native to the rainforests of Central and South America, get a tropical houseplant vibe for your home and feel exotic. I know I feel warmer and sweatier after looking at my pink and green Fittonia’s, taking me to another place outside my cold climate home.

Also known as the Nerve Plant, you can understand why it would be nicknamed for its veins and nervy ornamental leaves. They can come in various colors including pink, silver, white, red, pink, etc. This plant is small and compact, so you can grow it in ANY home no matter the size or lack of size.

Perfect for the windowsill, small shelves, anywhere that’s a tight squeeze, if you are looking for a new plant for your tiny home, get this!

Water: Fittonias want to be humid and misted, as its tropical nature requires. Give it a spray every morning to provide a similar environment as it would in the rainforests, a tropical morning mist. Keep the soil constantly moist, but do not let it sit in soggy water. What I have learned while taking care of my own Fittonia, is that if it doesn’t get enough water, the leaves will start collapsing and look very sorry. This is a great reminder to water them, and they will magically reappear back to their former glory!

Light: Do not let the Fittonia sit in bright, direct light. Low to medium light is best and they will even do well under fluorescent lighting.

Fertilizer: Fertilize the plant every 2-3 months during growing season (spring through fall) with a balanced liquid fertilizer.

Soil: The Fittonia will do great with a soil mix which holds moisture. You can use the same potting soil as an African Violet Potting Mix. 

Temperatures: Make sure to keep your home temperatures between 65 degrees Fahrenheit and 75 degrees Fahrenheit.

Fittonia’s are some of my favorite plants, and I hope you can appreciate why! These exotic house plants are wonderful for any sized home, tiny or not, and will make you think of warmer and happy times.



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