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The Best Pet Friendly Plants

If you have a dog, like I do, chances are you want to keep him safe. Catch up on the best pet friendly plants.

The safest plants for your pets

Plants Bite Back

I love my dog, a lot. I pretty much love him more than any human, with the exception of Stevie Nicks. I love Stevie Nicks. Even though I think my dog is the smartest, prettiest, most loveable thing around, he does not know a poisonous plant from his butt. He can’t tell me if the burger he found on the ground had a hint of Umami or if the cat poop he just nibbled on had an oaky aftertaste (ew).

Which is why, as owners, we must protect our dearly loved animals! They don’t know that the holiday staple Poinsettia is a poisonous red trap that will make them vomit or nauseous for the rest of your holiday party.  Even a little irritation on the animal’s part can make your day a lot more hectic, so why not be absolutely sure that the plants you keep in your home are going to be nice neighbors to your adorable little animals? We all need pet friendly plants.

Top Five Pet Friendly Plants

African Violet

Pet friendly plants

A beautiful, adaptable and pet friendly plant, African Violets are a great choice for beginner growers. One of the most popular houseplants in the world, you just need a bit of rudimentary knowledge to get yourself going. You’ll be happy with how beautiful the plant looks and your dog will be excited at how delicious and not poisonous the plant is.

Prayer Plant: 

Pet friendly plants

One of the most unique plants, this beautiful variety is a unique addition to your home. I absolutely love the leaves, how unique they look, the colors, the patterns. You should feel lucky these plants aren’t poisonous because it would be hard to resist their beauty. These plants are somewhat tolerant of low light conditions, so if you are an apartment dweller without optimal light levels, this may be the plant for you.

Spider Plant:

Pet friendly plants

Spider Plant

Bushy and fun, the spider plant is a great houseplant. One of the easiest plants to grow, the most adaptable, and perfect for those of us who have a unique ability to kill green things, this plant won’t let you down. The Spider plant is able to take a lot of neglect and abuse, so if you travel a lot or just don’t care for watering, the spider plant will rock your world.


Pet friendly plants

Some of my favorites, succulents are great options for those who constantly kill plants due to forgetful watering practices. If you have let several plants perish due to lack of watering, try a succulent. Succulents are a type of plant that are usually thicker in nature and are able to retain more water. Cacti and aloe are good examples of succulents. Around 60 different plant families contain succulents including cactaceae, agavoideae and more. Succulents are wonderful for the home as they can survive on little water and basic care. These things are hard to kill, which make them some of my favorite plants on earth.

Jade Plant:

Pet Friendly Plants

The Jade plant is another beautiful option for the home, and the first plant I learned to kill as an aspiring home gardener. Amazing, since it’s really hard to kill them. Jade is actually a type of succulent, but it’s so special I decided to put it on its own. With its thick and shiny leaves, Jade has a unique look and feel to it, giving off a great vibe to the home. This is another hardy plant which doesn’t need a lot of watering and make sure you don’t let it sit in soggy soil like I have done, it will die!

Many Options For Fido

There are tons of safe plants for pets and Spike, Fido, Ruffus, and every animal in between will be glad you took some time out to find plants which won’t hurt or irritate them. The list only begins here, with many more plant options for you to choose from.

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