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Exploding Plants For Your Garden: Touch Me Nots, The Sensitive Plant

Have you ever heard of exploding plants? They’re exactly how they sound, explosive.

Exploding plants are fun, exciting, explosive and weird! The most tame of these plants is the Touch Me Not, or the Mimosa Pudica also known as the Farting Plant!!! Can this plant get any more fun?

Okay, maybe not as fun as the squirting cucumber, the Mimosa Pudica, of the Touch-Me-Not species is actually an herb, whose leaves go limp and droop when exposed to touch, but reopen several minutes later. The type of plant where the structure changes quickly over a period of time is known as rapid tree movement, not to be confused with rapid eye movement.

Touch me not

This sensitive flower (literally) is just one of the many plants experiencing rapid tree movement. Mimosa pudica originated from South and Central America and is now found all over the world due to its unique reaction to human touch. I know people who have similar reactions. While you won’t get as much explosive activity as you might like, the touch-me-not plant is a great addition to your home!

This fern can grow up to 18 inches tall and grows up to be a wonderful houseplant. If you want a unique plant for your home, try the sensitive plant! It will be fun for you and all your guests, especially the playful ones.

Another wonderful aspect of the Mimosa Pudica are the wonderful flowers it produces, a nice fluffy yellow or purple flower.

Temperature: These plants will do well indoors, and can be brought outside during the summer, with preferred temperatures of 65 to 75 degrees Fahrenheit, never let it go below 65 degrees. It can grow speedily and excessively almost weed-like so be careful!

Sunlight: This plant will do best with some direct sunlight. Place near a bright and sunny window so it can get at least eight hours of full sun to partial shade each day. The sensitive plant’s leaves will close if it does not receive enough light, which is a great indicator.

Water: Allow the plant to have consistent and moist potting soil but never let it go soggy.

Fertilizer: Give the Sensitive plant half-strength fertilizer weekly during the growing season.

Farting plant/ sensitive plant

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