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The Flamingo Flower–Anthurium

Flamingo Flower

The Flamingo Flower

Spring is coming, and nothing brings about joy like a bright and fun new plant for your home. The Flamingo flower, or the Anthurium is one of my favorite studly plants, native to the tropical regions of Central and South America. This plant thrives in climates where the temperatures remain above 70 degrees, so if you live up in the northern regions, please keep this one indoors.

The flowers produce red or pink spaths and bloom throughout the year, reminding us all of warmer times, a great remedy for the winter cold. The flowers are in almost continual bloom, allowing you to take pleasure in its beauty year round. These plant not only like warmer weather, but also humidity. So, if you decide to bring it into your home as a houseplant, make sure to provide it with enough humidity and spray the leaves on a regular basis.

Light: Good light is needed, but avoid direct sunlight or else the leaves will turn brown and crisp.

Water: These plants do not like dryness, so for best results keep soil slightly moist at all times. As always, it doesn’t like sitting in water either, so buy fast draining soil to keep from getting root rot.

Humidity: As stated above, these plants love humidity and need it to thrive. Regular misting is a MUST in order to thrive and survive. Another way to provide humidity is to place the flamingo flower over pebble trays filled with water or moist gravel to raise the relative humidity.

Fertilizer: A monthly, gentle fertilizer will be best for the Anthurium, using a fertilizer that is designed for flowering houseplants. Don’t give the plant too much fertilizer, however, as it will cause leaf burn and may inhibit blooming.


The Flamingo house plant is a wonderful addition to any home, and with careful monitoring of the humidity and temperature, it will thrive and provide year round flowers. Enjoy this beautiful plant for your home!


The Flamingo Flower

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