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Cool Garden Gnomes For Your Garden

Cool Garden Gnomes For Your Garden

It’s Gnome Season!

Alright, folks! Get ready, because it’s gnome season, the time of year when you get to prepare your garden, your vegetables, berries, flowers and other delightful gardening treasures. But honestly, the most fun and interesting part of growing your garden is for the gnomes!

Gnomes make everything better, they’re fun, ironic, happy, world travelers who pop up every season to make us better gardeners.

Where Did The Gnomes Come From?

Before we start sharing our favorite gnomes for the season, have you ever wondered how garden gnomes became a ‘thing’? What made them the ambassadors to gardens everywhere? Who made them garden kings?

The history of contemporary garden gnomes began in the 1800s in Germany, where they were first produced. The original gnomes were made out of clay, rather than the common plaster or plastic we know of now. However, it wasn’t until 1840s England when they first started appearing in gardens, and thus, their popularity exploded.

Ambassador’s Of Good Luck

In folklore, gnomes are known as symbols of good luck, originally thought to provide protection, especially of buried treasure and minerals underground.

They add whimsy and humor to otherwise important issues, especially when you live and die by your crops. Farmers believed the good luck charm of their gnomes could help them produce bigger yields and help protect their crops from pests, thieves, and bad weather. Who couldn’t use an extra hand in the garden?

The Germans were also the first country to mass produce them, and there were two big names in gnome mass manufacturing; Phillip Griebel and August Heissner. Unfortunately, the world wars wiped out most of the garden gnome manufacturing in Germany, however, in the beginning of the 1960s there was a resurgence of gnomes, but this time made out of plastic. It was the 1960s gnomes that we still know to this day; fun and campy, cartoonish and sometimes very silly. What’s not to love?

Our Seven Favorite Gnomes

In an effort to provide you with the best luck and whimsy in your garden, here is a list of our favorite top 10 favorite garden gnomes. You can’t lose with these gems!

  1. The Zombie Gnome

    This special gnome is a nod to our favorite national obsession, zombies! Not only are humans affected by this mysterious affliction, but so are our gnome friends! Live out your ‘The Walking Dead’ fantasies with this deadly gnome, and be sure to scare away and vegetable-eating animals with your walking dead.

Zombie Gnome

2) Your Favorite Sport’s Team Gnome

Celebrate your favorite sport and your favorite team with a sports gnome! While we think everyone should have their own Chicago Cubs fan gnome, we realize not everyone is as fanatic about the Cubs finally winning the world series this year (they will!) as we are. Find your own favorite team, college or professional, and show everyone who you’re rooting for.

Chicago Cubs Gnome

3) Game Of Gnomes, Gnome

This might be the best reason to get a gnome, a Game of Gnomes, Gnome. What better way to celebrate your mutual love of John Snow, Khaleesi and zucchinis, and broccoli than having a gnome do it for you! I would get one even if I didn’t have a garden!

Game of Gnomes

4) Flip The Bird Gnome

There’s no better way to tell someone to “get the hell out of my lawn” than this special garden gnome. Admit it, sometimes there’s no better feeling than flicking someone the bird, especially when it concerns the well-being of your garden. This little guy does it for you, without causing a scene.

Garden Gnome

5) The Biker Garden Gnome

We may have placed the Biker Garden Gnome on our list because we fantasize being bikers ourselves, but this garden gnome is badass. If you want to feel cool, aloof, and someone who doesn’t have a care in the world, try out this cool biker garden gnome.

Biker Gnome

6) Sasquatch Garden Gnome

Are you a sasquatch, bigfoot, yawee believer? Do you know they roam around our world, hidden beneath the planet, smart enough to stay far away from us humans? This Sasquatch garden gnome is an amazing way to show the world your bigfoot interests! But don’t worry, the wonderful gnome gets away safely.

Sasquatch Garden Gnome

7) It’s 5:00 Somewhere

No doubt that we all love Jimmy Buffet’s declaration that it’s 5:00 somewhere, and we all should replicate this anthem in our summer gardens. Who else should join us in relaxation and sunshine? Our Garden gnomes, of course! So sit back, relax, sip on some wine and enjoy your garden and your gnomes.

Garden Gnomes

7) Mooning Garden Gnome

If you have a sense of humor, and a joy of pranks, the mooning garden gnome is the best way to achieve brilliance in your garden plot. You’ll be sure to make new friends, especially those with a similar sense of humor. Get out there and get wild.

garden gnome

Garden gnomes are a seriously fun way to express yourself this growing season. Bring some personality to your garden plot, make new friends and really enjoy the season. Do you have any favorite garden gnomes you want to share? Post them in the comments below. Does anyone collect gnomes? We want to hear from you!

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