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A Guide To Flowering House Plants

Flowering House Plants To The Rescue

a guide to flowering houseplantsFlowers bring forth an image of happiness, give off delicious fragrance and bring the elegance and beauty of nature indoors.

And while many of us enjoy growing indoor plants like jade, succulents, air plants or ferns, many of us still desire to have flowers in our midst. The beauty is unrivaled and the desire to look at them never ceases.

So the question remains, what are the best flowering house plants? Which survive the best indoors, how easy are they to care for and how long will they last?

Below is a list of the top flowering houseplants for your home, with beautiful blooms all year round to make your home feel light and beautiful.

African Violet

African Violet Houseplant--- flowering houseplants

Some of the easiest growing flowering houseplants, African Violets are a mainstay when it comes to growing indoors. These beautiful flowers bloom all year round and you don’t have to do much. It’s important to keep water out of the leaves and give them a warm indoor temperature. Additionally, make sure the water is room temperature so you don’t cause the leaves to have brown spots. Place in front of a bright window, and enjoy! Learn more about the African Violet here.

Peace Lily

Peace Lily-- flowering houseplants

An ever-popular, easy to care for, low light, air cleaning wonder plant, the Peace Lily is a beautiful, blooming option for your home. And while the blooms are heaviest in the summer, there are many options or varieties that bloom all year long.

And don’t worry, when the Peace Lily is not blooming, the large and decadent green leaves are tropical and exotic in its look, giving you an exotic feel all year round.

Even NASA love the Peace Lily, claiming its effectiveness at cleaning the indoor air!Peace Lily’s are among the class of plants which actually clean out toxins from your air, including formaldehyde, benzene, and xylene which are known carcinogens and toxic to your health. Learn more about the peace lily plant here.


Indoor flowering house plants Hibiscus

One of the most well-known house plants around, Hibiscus are the go-to flowers for indoors. Beautiful inside or outside, you aren’t doing it right unless you own a Hibiscus plant. These tropical beauties from huge blooms, sometimes up to 8 inches in diameter, and are able to bloom from late spring all the way through fall.

Don’t be discouraged, as the flowers only last a day or two, but they continue to sprout all the time. Keep the soil moist and give them as much light indoors as possible in order to enjoy the continuous blooms. You can get these plants in an array of colors, from pink to yellow to white to purple.


Indoor Flowering house Plants

If you like the tea, then you’ll love the plant. Jasmine is one of the most beautifully fragrant plants around, and placing one of these gems in your home is like an all-natural air freshener. Also, Jasmine is some of the easiest flowers to grow, all they need is plenty of indoor light and moisture.

There are many varieties of Jasmine that you can grow, but the most popular indoor house plant would be Jasminum polyanthum, or commonly known as Chinese, Star or just Jasmine. The star-shaped flowers will last in your home for many weeks due to the sheer amount of blooms it produces, and the blooms will repeat year after year. So get your nose ready for the intense and amazing Jasmine smell once you purchase this amazing houseplant.

Guppy Plant

flowering houseplants

Probably one of the most unique flowering plants around, the Guppy Plant resembles the fish you always wanted as a child. A relative to the African Violet, it blooms mostly in the summer but if it has enough light, can bloom all year round.

This plant is one of the more exciting and different options around and allows you to experiment with different types of plants. That’s what gardening is all about right? Start with the basics and expand out! The guppy plant is a great option to use on hanging baskets and it’s a great way to convince your children to help you water—who doesn’t want to care for a fish looking plant!

Shrimp Plant

Flowering Houseplants

Continuing with the theme of sea creatures, the Shrimp Plant is a great option for those who want year-round blooms. It’s fast growing, and with pruning, can be kept small and compact in the pot of your choice. Keep the soil evenly moist as well as provide plenty of light.


Flowering Houseplants

Another fragrant flower for your home, these easy to grow, very scented plants are a wonderful addition to any home. It’s practically a no-fail mission with geraniums, and you are guaranteed success. Bright, intense light is needed as well as moist, well-draining soil.  If you want as many flowers as possible, blooms will not happen without light, so make sure you have what they need in order to bloom and thrive. Water the plants deeply, weekly. You can tell when they need more water by feeling the soil with your fingers–if it is dry, water. Fertilizers are usually necessary and a water-soluble houseplant fertilizer will do the trick every four to six weeks during growing season.

Indoor flowering plants are a must for houseplants. They brighten up any room, provide wonderful fragrance, and allow you to experience natural beauty indoors.


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