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Unique Ways To Hang Your Plants

Unique Ways To Hang Your Houseplants

Sometimes You Need  Unique Ways To Display Your Plants

Some of us have pets, small spaces, or homes in which we have to share with our dirty roommates. If this is the case, it’s important to find unique ways to display your houseplants. If you are trying to hide your plants from your agile cats or keep them above ground, finding fun and safe ways to hang your green friends will be all the more important. So here’s a list of unique and fun ways to hang your houseplants.

  1. The Bottle Wall

Unique Ways to hang your houseplants

The go-to style for environmentalists, hanging your used pop bottles along your wall is not only unique, but it’s a great way to recycle. Using plastic bottles as planters works great for growing herbs, small leafy vegetables, fenugreek, spinach, and other medicinal plants. The bottles are attached to the wall using a vertically placed string from top to bottom.

2. The Driftwood Technique

unique ways to hang your houseplants

A beautiful organic look for your home, using driftwood as a centerpiece is a wonderful way to bring in natural design elements for your space. Just hand any piece of driftwood that you desire, and place plants along it like a shelf. Air plants work perfectly for this task, as they just need to be propped somewhere to be happy. The fact that air plants don’t need soil to survive also helps!

3. The Plant Wall

Unique ways to hang your houseplants

One of the newest and most popular ways to hang your plants, the plant wall is designed as an easy way to begin planting. Made with eco-friendly pockets, the plant walls are made for easy use. Just note, that for indoors, make sure to line the pockets with plastic so the water doesn’t seep into the walls. Plants that grow well include lettuce, spinach, and herbs.

If you are running out of space in your home, or just want to try a new design element, vertical plant walls are an amazing way to showcase your plants while at the same time enjoying their design.

4. Hanging Ceramic Pots

unique ways to hang your houseplants

Do you have a ton of ceramic pots but don’t know what to do with them? Don’t worry, you don’t have to get rid of your amazing ceramic pots just because you don’t have room for them on the floor, just hoist them onto your wall!

Easy to use ceramic pot clips will hold any of your pots on your wall as a decorative piece. Save floor space for more important things like furniture, or your TV, and leave the wall for your snake plant.

5. Smaller Ceramic Wall Planters

Unique Ways To hang Your Plants

These small ceramic wall planters are specifically made to be hoisted on your wall, and a great way to showcase your herb garden. Try using these in your kitchen, next to the window. That way, when you are in need of cilantro, basil or mint, you’ll be prepared to grab and cook.  Small and decorative, this is a great introduction to vertical gardens, providing you with the ease, and the decor to make great wall art.

6. Staghorn Ferns

Staghorn Fern

We love Staghorn ferns at Houseplant Girl! These plants are so unique, providing the look of deer antlers for those who don’t want to actually have a dead animal hanging from their wall (or for those who just want added color!). I love the unique style these ferns provide, with their antler-like leaves protruding from their mounted roots.

If you want a conversation starter in your home, then go for the Staghorn Fern. There’s nothing like showcasing a vegan deer antler at your next dinner party.

7. The Hanging Terrarium

Unique ways to hang plants

One of the most classic ways to keep plants out of the way of pets and off of your floor is the classic hanging terrarium. Often used with succulents or air plants, terrariums are some of the most eclectic pieces of plant art around. I love looking at terrariums as they hang from the sky, there is something so fantastic and beautiful about seeing these already alien like plants suspended in the air in their unique little environment. Also, they are easy to care for and easy to hang.

The Options Are Endless

If you no longer have the option of placing plants on your floors or windows, don’t despair. The options are endless, and the opportunity to create an amazing design in your home without your space dwindling in size is endless. Finding unique ways to hang your plants is easy, with just a little imagination and some work, you’ll never want to place plants on the ground again.


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    • Kendall Ryder August 1, 2016, 11:07 am

      I really love the photo with the hanging ceramic pots! I have never thought to do that before! I love the way they look on the Spanish style of that home. It really adds some color and fits so perfectly with the style. Thanks for the idea!

      • Jade August 2, 2016, 9:17 pm

        The ceramic pots are amazing, I agree! It’s a unique and at the same time traditional way to hang plants!