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How I STILL Manage To Kill Plants…Sometimes

Killing plants

Bad News…Plants Die

As someone who writes a blog about indoor gardening, plants, herbs and the like, it’s not always easy to admit epic failure. But it’s the truth.

Yes, I write a blog about gardening, I’m a herbalist, and I handle plants on a daily basis. However, it’s not all rainbows and puppies all the time. Plants die, and if we don’t pay attention, they die unexpectedly.

Not to mention, gardening is a lifetime hobby, a contact sport. Plants demand our full attention at all times, or they rebel and wither away.

Who knew? Flowers are fragile!

Mistakes, Mistakes Everywhere

Just two days ago I went to my back porch and found my beautiful petunias dead. Just withered away, evolved into their next stage of dirt and death. Upset as I was, all I could do was clean up the mess and begin again.

I failed.

While away on a house-sitting gig, I neglected to have my plants looked after. I neglected to go home and water them nor did I ask anyone else to do the same. They looked GREAT when I left them, and I thought they’d handle another day alone just fine.

Boy was I wrong!

The rain wasn’t enough, the clouds weren’t protection, and I was just being lazy. It happens.

What To Do When Your Plants Die?

So what do you do when your plants die? What do you do when all your time, money, and expectations are dashed the moment you see your dead petunias or jade, or rubber tree?

You move on.

Take the hit, learn from your mistakes (or in my case, laziness) and clean up the mess. As gardeners, we’ve all killed a plant or two, we’ve all cleaned the dirt of another failed experiment and walked away with another less under our belts.

Here’s to the plants we’ve accidentally killed, and to the new plants which will (hopefully) prosper better. For every plant you’ve killed is a new lesson you’ll never forget.

Mine is to never be lazy with my petunias. They really do need me.



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After finishing her masters degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine, Michelle wanted to share her love of plants and all things medicinal. With her knowledge of Chinese herbs and household plants, she decided to create a site sharing her love of indoor plants.

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