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The 20 Best Online Courses For Plant Lovers

the best online courses for gardeners like you

The Best Online Courses For Plant Lovers

If you’re like me, you love to learn and are constantly searching for new ways to improve your skillset.

Whether this relates to health, finance, fitness or local history, taking the time to read and learn can be one of the greatest gifts we give ourselves.

One of my favorite places to undertake learning is a site called, a worldwide marketplace of instructors and students. Udemy is an amazing place to learn, or teach, with over 40,000 online courses from Yoga to financial workshops.

Hell, I just took a class on breakdancing, and I’m now prepared to take over the dance floor at my best friend’s wedding.

But for this post, I wanted to share the top courses about gardening, plants, and herbs. Experts from around the world have created their own online courses to help people like us learn and develop our skills when it pertains to plants.

Everything from herbal basics to bio-organic farming, hydroponics and more is provided in this list. Don’t hold back either, browse their thousands of courses for yourself and see if anything else sounds learning worthy. And remember, there’s always breakdancing if none of these courses sound appealing.


The Top Online Courses For Plant Lovers

Part 1: Gardening Courses



1). Bio-Organic Farming & Gardening: Self-Reliance, Vital Food


Best Online Courses for plant loversThis course promises to, “teach you how to take control of your own environment and food supply, simply by growing the highest quality food-best flavor, highest nutritional content, shortest time, minimal blights & infestations, using sensible, ancient wisdom & the materials you have around you.”


Learn how to:

  • Grown Your Own Food Without Pesticides
  • Assemble Your Own Compost
  • Plan Your Farm and Garden
  • Planting Your Seeds
  • Nurture Your Soil and Produce
  • Harvest Your Abundant Garden
  • Prepping Your Urban Garden

With over 52 videos and 4.5 hours of lessons, this unique course offers a ton of information. If you’ve ever wanted to learn more about organic gardening and become self-reliant, then this is the course for you. And if you don’t have a plot of land, not to worry! Containers work just fine! Also, you don’t have to be experienced in gardening to take this course, a major plus.

Sample Review: Practical and informative, this is really an exciting course. Being made aware of these biodynamic practices and putting them to immediate use is worth more than pure gold. I am humbled by having received such ancient knowledge at this stage in my life.”

2) Aquaponic Gardening: Growing Fish and Vegetables Together

Best Online Courses For Plant Lovers

This incredibly popular course looks into the marriage of hydroponics (growing plants without soil) and aquaculture (growing fish in captivity). If you are interested in the prospect of growing your entire meal (vegetables AND fish) this is the course for you.

This course is straightforward, easy to understand, and for anyone who loves fish and food. Basically, if you eat, take this course.

Learn How To:

  • Introduction to Aquaponic Gardening
  • Handle Fish Tanks
  • Use Grow Beds
  • Introducing Fish Into Your System
  • Harvesting And Fileting Your Fish
  • Which Insects To Use
  • Pollination In Indoor Gardens
  • Worms!
  • The list goes on and on…

Average User Rating:  42. out of 5 Stars

Sample Review: “I was researching Aquaponics for a retirement business (retired Elect Eng. with Aquaculture background) so my wife bought me this course as a gift. Wanting to keep my marriage intact, I thanked her for  what I thought would be a few basic talks and some preschooler’s drawings on the subject; I mean what do you get these days for this price? Boy, was I surprised! This is a first class course going beyond the basics with a very user-friendly presentational format. My hats off to Ms. Bernstein and her dedication to “spreading the word!” I highly recommend it for both people seeking to start up such a project AND younger (still in school) folks who hopefully will see the potential for this in humanities future, hence an opportunity for a lucrative and much-needed business.”

3) Gardening to Attract Birds and Butterflies

Best Online courses for plant lovers

For those who can’t get enough of our butterfly and bird friends, this course will teach you some practical DIY tricks to attract those beautiful neighbors to your yard. The secret to butterfly success comes down to small, practical changes that work within your budget. For the busy person who doesn’t want to waste tons of money on pricey items.

Learn How To:

  • Increase vegetable and fruit yields in your garden
  • Notice fewer pests attacking your plants
  • Save money by eliminating or reducing pesticide use
  • Reduce the number of mosquitoes who call your yard their home
  • You’ll also play an active role in helping struggling pollinator and songbird populations with a portion of every purchase being donated to the Xerces Society (A non-profit organization that protects invertebrates, including bees, butterflies, and other insects). You’ll be a savior in the bird world!

Average User Rating: 4.6 Out Of 5 Stars

Sample Review: “Linda has done a great job of explaining in simple steps how to bring more beneficial insects, birds and butterflies etc into your garden making it a wonderful place to be. Her easy action steps will change the landscape of your garden quickly but with improvements, you will benefit from for years to come”. -Jackie Marie Beyer from the Organic Gardener Podcast-

4). Gardening–Seed Starting Inside Engineered For Simplicity

The best online courses for plant lovers

This course teaches you to successfully start seeds inside so you can grow plants for your garden using a method that reduces the amount of work and cost. Enjoy home grown heirloom vegetables that you won’t have to buy at the supermarket and get step-by-step guidance through the process.

You’ll be shown what to do, and more importantly what NOT to do, regardless if you are planning an urban vegetable garden, container garden, raised beds, or an organic approach. You’ll be taken care of no matter what!

Learn How To:

  • Grow strong seedlings that will succeed in your garden.
  • Make watering easy
  • Take the guesswork out of lighting
  • How to use fertilizer
  • Save money on plants!
  • Choose suitable containers for seed starting
  • Select appropriate soil
  • Prepare plants started indoors for planting outside

Average User Rating: 4.8 Out Of 5 Stars

Sample Review: “This is a good course for anyone that plans to start a garden and prepares beforehand by growing seedlings indoors. Gene Black presents it well, with no fluff, gives many insider tips and pitfalls to avoid. Plus, without being aware (or maybe you are Gene) he’s actually pretty funny at times and makes it fun to watch. He has a passion for his craft and wants you to succeed with your project. What I found particularly useful was his strong insight on what products to use, especially when it came time to choose your frame design, the lights, reservoir, even suggesting the use which plastic containers and getting to the details of ‘you can use an eye bolt’, etc–all this is gold for anyone who will be faced making these decisions in the near future. Anyways, many words here, but the bottom line is it’s all good to take this course.”

5) Seed Starting Simplified: Grown Your Own Garden Seedlings

Best Online Courses For Plant Lovers

Another course option for learning how to seed start, this course promises to provide simple methods to grow vegetable & flower seedlings for your garden. In my opinion, this class is a bit more down to earth than the previous option, a more beginner friendly option.

Rick Stone, an expert gardener, provides clear and concise instructions on how to grow your own seedlings indoors and expand outside when the time is right.

Learn How To:

  • Grow Seedlings Indoors
  • Use the right lighting
  • Using Heat Mats
  • Where to place your seedlings
  • Using Peat Pellets
  • How to make homemade seedling mix
  • How to water your seedlings
  • Fertilizing
  • When to plant your seedlings

Average User Rating: 4.6 Out Of 5 Stars

Sample Review: “I am so glad I signed up for this course. I have learned so much and am only half way through. I have ‘gardened’ for years and frankly, have failed miserably at it. I think this year is going to be much better and I can’t wait for me to start my seedlings.”

6) Vegetable Gardening: How to Grow Healthy, Fresh Food At Home

Best Online Courses For Plant Lovers

For those looking for an endless bounty of fresh, beautiful, healthy vegetables, this course will teach you everything you need to know for a veggie extravaganza. Finally learn to create your backyard, patio or balcony garden with a step-by-step guide for the urban gardener.

You don’t need any previous knowledge or materials, everything you need to know will be a part of this course, with simple and detailed instructions. For beginners and experienced gardeners alike, this course will teach new tricks, simple methods, with an abundance of useful information.

Learn How To:

  • Grow delicious and healthy vegetables in any size garden
  • Design your garden
  • Plant selection and installation
  • Soil preparation and fertilizer use
  • Pest and disease control
  • Harvest and storage
  • Container gardening
  • Raised bed gardens
  • Fruit trees and berries
  • Organic gardening practices

Average User Rating: 4.5 Out Of 5 Stars

Sample Review: “Teena is a great instructor! She covers the material in a very easy to follow way. It’s also great that I can skip to the portions that pertain to my type of garden (containers). She provides great resources for more in-depth info on specific regions and crops. I just wish I had taken this course BEFORE I planted…oh well. I’ll be much better prepared for the next planting season!”

7) Year-Round Gardening

Best Online Courses For Plant Lovers

Sick of living in a cold weather climate with the lack of warmth, sun and worst of all, plants? If you want to make gardening a year-round experience, this class was created for you! Learn to extend your gardening harvest season to 365 days a year, using row covers, hoop houses, and cold frames. This unique class offers options for anyone, no matter where they live, to have vegetables in June or February.

While beginners could probably take this course, it is advised you have at least a couple of years of gardening experience (any kind) to get started.

Learn How To:

  • Winter Garden
  • Spring Garden
  • Fall Garden
  • Summer Garden
  • Garden bed preparation
  • Winter crop selection
  • Planting times
  • Protecting your crops from the cold
  • Harvesting
  • Spring Gardening
  • Fall Gardening

Average User Rating: 4.5 Out Of 5 Stars

Sample Review: “Great course. Rick is very enthusiastic about the subject and gives plenty of detail so you get a good understanding of the subject. I’m definitely going to put some of the ideas into practice and make better use of my vegetable garden.”

8) Easily Grow Flowers, Herbs, & More With Container Gardening

Best Online Courses for plant lovers

If you are interested in learning the basics of container gardening, this is a great place to start. The class teaches you to grow flowers, fresh herbs, and even vegetables in your small space container gardens, allowing you the freedom to enjoy nature in your cozy spaces.

I like this course for beginner gardeners, those who don’t have any experience but do have plenty of enthusiasm for gardening. This is for the novice houseplant lovers and is a great gift for friends or family who want to learn the basics. If you are an intermediate or experienced gardener, I do not recommend this specific course.

*Buy the course at $20 now before they raise the price back up to $67!*

Learn How To:

  • Correctly choose containers to use for your garden
  • Tips on placement of the containers and preparation for optimal plant growth
  • Overview of what plants to choose for container gardens
  • Maintenance of your container garden including fertilization, watering, pruning, replanting, and harvesting
  • Helpful resources for further information and education

Average User Rating: 4.1 Out Of 5 Stars

Sample Review: “This was a great, well-prepared lecture for folks brand new to container gardening. I liked the engaging lecture style and the resources offered at the end. It is VERY general and does not cover any specific plant types or environmental conditions, so be aware that you’ll need to do your own research to select location appropriate plants and containers. I would have liked to see more pictures and the material did get a little repetitive. But, in general, this course has plenty of good, general tips for starting and maintaining a container garden.”

9) Organic Soil Building For The Backyard Organic Gardener 

Best Online Courses For Plant Lovers

If you know anything about gardening, you know how important the quality of your soil is for the health and vitality of your plants. Soil is everything, especially when it comes to organic vegetable gardening. If you want nutritious, delicious, thriving vegetables and plants, you need great and nutritious soil.

This course teaches you what you must know to gain fertile, abundant, nutrient-rich food. Organic soil will be broken down for you (pun intended) and will be taught the scientific basics of soil ecology and what your soil needs in order to be healthy and fertile. Building soil has never seemed more fun!

Learn How To:

  • Improve the soil in your organic garden
  • Understand the science of soil ecology
  • The basics of soil building
  • How to apply your knowledge to different gardening styles

Average User Rating: 4.3 Out Of 5 stars

Sample Review: “I loved this course. It was full of facts and things that make composting make sense. I can’t wait to start my own pile for my garden.”

10) Healthy Soils–Compost, Mulch, and the Soil Food Web

The best online courses for plant lovers

Another great class which educates you on the importance of soil quality, this course will teach you about the nature of your soil and how to build organically rich, fertile gardens by working with nature.

If you’re interested in attracting pollinators to your vegetables and trees, or if you want a better understanding of how to become and organic gardener or landscaper, this series is a great option. Great for beginner gardeners and experienced gardeners alike, you will have a more complete understanding of the importance of organic gardening not only for our backyards but for the earth. This course has a slightly higher user rating with an incredible amount of information.

Average User Rating: 4.7 Out Of 5

Sample Review: “This course gave me a great starting point on improving my soil, composting, and just all around ideas to get me started. Will be getting that soil test done as soon as I can, though I know that my soil is not the best already, but will give me an idea on where to start. The instructor was engaging and had some great slides on the information provided as well as other resources to go over. This course is well worth taking for anyone trying to build a healthy soil and going organic as much as possible.”

11) Who Is Your Friend?: Beneficial Garden Bugs

The best online courses for plant lovers

For organic gardeners, learning pest control is a big deal. We don’t have the same options when it comes to clearing your garden from plant-destroying pests. So what do we do?

One of the most underlooked and undervalued options for pest control is using predatory bugs to keep in check the harmful ones. In the course, you will look at 22 of the most beneficial garden predators, teaching you how to identify them and why they are so useful. Additionally, you’ll look at the plants and herbs which will attract them to your garden. Anyone who has an interest in organic gardening should definitely utilize the information provided in this series!

Learn How To:

  • Identify beneficial garden bugs and insects
  • Use beneficial bugs in pest control
  • Attract beneficial pests to the garden

Sample User Rating: 5 Out Of 5 Stars  (At the time of this posting, there was only one review, albeit a great review).

Sample Review: “I grow a large garden every year, but it is always hard to manage pests organically. This information has given me proper tools to manage pests in an eco-friendly, organic fashion while saving time and money.”

12) Effective Earth Friendly Pest Control

The best online courses for plant lovers

It’s always good to have more options, and when it comes to organic, earth-friendly pest control it’s no different. Unlike the course above, this series offers a 6 step action plan for dealing with insect pests that are living in your backyard. It will help you determine what insects call your garden home, and if they are actually causing harm.

The course will talk about the least-toxic of options when it comes to pest control, instances when you may need to consider chemical options, and how to tell the good guys from the bad guys. If you are looking for in-depth knowledge on pesticides, this is not the course for you, as it’s a more general overview with different options.

Learn How To:

  • Solve insect pest issues in your yard or garden using earth friendly control methods
  • Create a customized action plan that will help you effectively deal with insect pests
  • Identify insects that are present in your yard or garden
  • Understand that some insects are “good” and encourage these insects to make their home in your yard

Average User Rating: 5 Out Of 5 Stars (At the time of writing this, there is only one review so take the average with a grain of salt).

13) Growing Tomato Heaven: Garden Grown Tomatoes Made Easy!

Best online courses for plant lovers

If you love fresh, gorgeous, bright and juicy tomatoes then you’ll want to take this course. Rick Stone is a master when it comes to teaching about gardening, and tomatoes seem to be his forte. The course is designed to give you the skills you need to be successful your first time or your 50th time planting tomatoes in your garden, and even if you think you have a knack for growing these delicious fruits, you may want to learn some new tomato growing skills.

Topics Covered:

  • Heirloom vs hybrid tomatoes
  • How to choose the best tomato ‘starts’ to plant
  • When and how to plant your tomatoes
  • Garden hacks that will get you planting 6 weeks early
  • Simple tricks to extend your harvest in the fall
  • Watering, fertilizing and caring for your growing plants
  • Using stakes or cages to support your plants
  • When to harvest for the best taste
  • Ideas for preserving your harvest

Average User Rating: 4.8 Out Of 5 Stars

Sample Review: “This course is jam-packed with great tips and tricks. Rick is definitely passionate about gardening and his enthusiasm is contagious. I’ve been growing tomatoes for years and learned quite a bit through this course. Looking forward to taking more of the Stony Acres classes.”

Part Two: Herbalism

Best online courses for plant lovers


14) Introduction To Herbalism

Best online courses for plant lovers

We’re no longer on the subject of “growing” plants but have entered the realm of herbs! Herbalism is another widely popular and significant subject at Houseplant Girl. Being a herbalist myself, it’s incredibly important to find quality programs to teach introductory courses on the power of herbal medicine.

If you are interested in herbs but don’t know where to begin, this is a good primer. This basic course is an introduction to the world of herbalism, for those that have never dipped their toes in the world of healing plants. However, if you are versed in herbs or medicinal plants, this is not the course for you.

Topics Covered:

  • Benefits of natural medicine
  • Learn the standard methods of herbal preparations
  • Describe and name the advantages of the most common preparation methods
  • Group herbs in certain categories for formulations
  • Learn the benefits of eight medicinal herbs to use in the home
  • Learn tips and tricks for purchasing herbs

Average Use Rating: 3.7 Out Of 5 Stars

Sample Review: “This course is very informative. TAKE NOTES! You’ll use them in the future. You immediately want to utilize the herbs recommended, because at least one is relatable, if not all. The videos are clear and effective. The course is not at all difficult to follow because you’re not bombarded with fluff. Just key points so each term, herb, and technique is grasped. Research further, if you like, with a general understanding. I feel prepared to discuss what I learned. Jennifer is very interactive and motivating. This is my first course of Udemy, so I expect a lot of effort from the instructors now.”

15) Herbal Medicine–Make Herbal Remedies With Confidence!

Best online courses for plant lovers

This herbal medicine class offers a more experiential experience, teaching you how to transform a herb into an effective medicinal preparation. This is an opportunity to learn from expert herbalist Don Ollsin who has a Master Herbalist’s degree and decades of experience.

For beginner’s and experienced herbalists alike, this course will provide new information to anyone subscribing to the course.


  • 15 herbal preparations including tinctures, infusions, decoctions, oils, salves, poultices, food, smudges, syrups and more
  • Terminology used in medicine making
  • Make homemade kefir and create healthy herbal kefir drinks
  • Apply external herbal preparations
  • Infusions vs decoctions
  • How to dry herbs

Average User Rating: 4.4 Out Of 5 Stars

Sample Review: “This class covers a wide variety of techniques to produce herbal medicines as well as going over the medicinal properties of the herbs used in demonstrations. Handouts are included. I have already taken a few classes in herbal medicine at the local herb shop but still picked up a lot of new information in this one. I will not hesitate to take any other classes taught by Don.”

16) Ancient, Mystical Herbs For Health & Longevity

Best online courses for plant lovers

This unique course teaches you how to make herbal elixirs from a 5,000-year Chinese lineage called the “Gate of Life”. If you are looking to live to be 200 years old, this may be the course for you!

Chinese herbology (my herbal background) is a sophisticated and ancient teaching, with hundreds of herbs and thousands of formulas used to treat disease and maintain health. This course will focus on the tonic herbs in Chinese medicine, which are used for daily health, vitality, reproductive health, immunity, metabolism, aging and more.

If you’ve ever shown any interest in herbs and their amazing properties, there is no better way than to understand their power and unique abilities than by learning them through a Chinese medicinal lense.

Average User Rating: 4.8 Out Of 5 Stars

Sample Review: “Beyond knowledge is a thoughtful intelligent man who imparts well what he knows. I put this Udemy course at the top of my bookshelf.  Grateful to Mr. Thomas and Master Teeguarden and Ancient Masters.” 

17) Health and Wellness With Kitchen Herbs & Spices

Best online courses for plant lovers

One of the most popular courses I’ve come across, it’s also perhaps the most useful. Who doesn’t want to know how their food affects their health, especially their delicious spices?

How often have you used cinnamon, oregano, thyme or cardamom in your cooking? And how often do you specifically choose these spices based on their health qualities? Probably not a lot.

This course wants to inform you on the many powerhouses of health that are probably already lying around in your cabinet. Cultures throughout history have used these herbs and spices in specific ways to garner their amazing health super powers, and this course promises to teach you those very techniques.

Learn To:

  • Take better care of yourself and your family
  • Increase overall health and well-being
  • Help prevent chronic disease by reducing oxidation and inflammation
  • Support the healing of chronic conditions through food
  • Reduce medical bills and visits by treating acute, non-emergency situations at home

Average User Rating: 4.9 Out Of 5 Stars

Sample Review: “This is information we all should know. I just can’t believe all these years I had such great medicine right in my own kitchen! Had I known, it would have saved me and my family time and time again. Thanks for the great course!!!”

Part Three: Aromatherapy & Essential Oils

Best Online Courses For Plant Lovers


18) Overview of Aromatherapy

Best online courses for plant lovers

If you’re interested in essential oils and want a beginner’s look inside the incredible world of plant aromas, this course is a highly rated and popular option. This series will provide you introductory information on plant-based essential oils, formulations, and instructions on how to make your own plant formulas, which herbal blends to use for different conditions and more.

Average User Rating: 4.7 Out Of 5 Stars

Sample Review: “I took this course to have a better understanding of what Aromatherapy is all about and I must say I had learned a lot from this course. Thank you. Excellent course, everybody should take it. “

19) Aromatherapy Basics

Best online courses for plant lovers

Another highly popular course on aromatherapy, this course promises to take you from A to Z when it comes to essential oils and all you need to know. Detailing the history of aromatherapy to current trends, extraction, storage, cautions and contraindications, this course is amazingly beneficial for anyone who wants to go beyond the use of lavender and expand out to other essences, and know why they are doing so.

Gain confidence and the knowledge, you need to become more acquainted with the world of essential oils and use this information to jumpstart an aromatherapy practice in your home or beyond.

Learn To:

  • Define aromatherapy as used for therapeutic purposes
  • Review the history and current state of the aromatherapy industry
  • Understand how essential oils are produced
  • Be aware of the common contraindications and cautions for using essential oils
  • Choose essential oils that will have the benefits you are seeking
  • Know what reputable resources are available to further your study

Average User Rating: 4.9 Out Of 5 Stars


Sample Review: “I really enjoyed this course and feel like I have a better overall working knowledge of essential oils; how they are made and how they are used. I hope this instructor offers more courses, I will enroll!”

20) Stress Management With Aromatherapy

Best online courses for plant lovers

Another extremely popular course with amazing reviews, this class teaches stress management techniques that are attainable for anyone interested. By using essential oils, you are able to bring your body back to stress-free state. Our bodies uniquely respond to plants and oils which have immensely positive effects on the human body.

Plants are imbued with compounds and chemicals which directly affect our bodies in ways that are unseen anywhere else. With simple applications of various formulations, your body begins to unwind and destress.

Learn To:

  • Understand stress and stress agents
  • Basic aromatherapy as a technique
  • Know about exact compounds that can help remove your stress
  • Application techniques and safety guidelines
  • Recipes

Average User Rating: 5 Out Of 5 Stars

Sample Review: “This course is very easy to understand and helpful, covering a lot of information in a short amount of time. Thank you for a very honest, sincere and passionate course. I truly enjoyed the course”

What do you think?

Have you ever tried online courses, or Udemy? I’d like to hear from you and your personal interests for self-learning!




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