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Rocky Mountain Oils: Finding The Best Essential Oil Brand

Rocky Mountain Essential Oils Brand Review

Rocky Mountain Oils: A Brand Review

Choosing a company to purchase essential oils from can be a daunting task. I must have perused dozens of different companies in my hunt for high-quality, affordable, and unadulterated essential oils. When literally every company is claiming to be the best out there with its “organic,” “therapeutic,” and “wild-crafted” ingredients, how do you even begin to make a decision?

Rocky mountain OilEventually, I came across Rocky Mountain Oils (RMO), a company founded in 2004 on the principle of providing “essential oils that are pure and safe to use for the entire family.” RMO has a superb reputation in the industry for being family friendly, producing high-quality, unadulterated oils, and always putting the customer first.

Two Become One

You might recognize RMO, as they were previously known as Native American Nutritionals. The two companies are now one in the same as they have since merged. Native American Nutritionals was founded in 1977 by Paul Dean (NOT Paula Dean of the Food Network) and is one of the oldest and most reliable brands around, something I look for in a quality essential oil company.

Sourcing quality oils is one of the most important aspects to finding effective remedies, and RMO does just that, sourcing their plants from vetted suppliers, making sure the quality is far more important than the quantity. If any of their samples contain adulterants, diluents, contaminants or synthetics, the product is rejected. You know you are getting a quality product from RMO.

Local Farms, Native Plants

They also source their plants from local farms, supporting the local economy and taking out the middleman. These farms and essential oil experts are personally vetted by the owner, who seeks to create an environment of people who are attached to their product. Unlike manufacturers who rely on big corporate farms and farming techniques, RMO relies on small farmers and native plants. In fact, all oils come from plants that are grown in their indigenous regions! This guarantees you are getting the best product around.

Organic, Local, And Wild

The company prioritizes organic and wild crafted herbs, believing in the true nature of their products. The company uses organic practices (even though they aren’t certified) and/or the plants are widely grown. What’s more, these are the highest quality essential oils for the lowest price, truly expanding their reach to the masses.

These are important values for me, so I decided to try out their products. This company truly cares about its product and their customers.

“We guarantee that our essential oils contain no adulterants by conducting both external and internal product testing. Our external GC/MS testing process is verified through an independent, third party lab and is scrutinized by our in-house chemist. After the oil is GC/MS tested, our chemist runs extensive internal analysis to assure quality with organoleptic, Refractive Index and various other tests.”

In this article, I review the five most popular Rocky Mountain Essential Oils. 


Rocky Mountain Oils

 1) Immune Strength

Available in 5ml and 15ml containers, this is RMO’s #1 best seller. The oil is composed of a formula that targets infection and thus promotes a strong and healthy immune system. Feeling like you’re coming down with something, or are you already sick? You can apply this oil to your wrists, feet, and around the ears. It can also be consumed orally—just gargle two drops of oil in half a glass of warm water.

Real Amazon Review: I love immune strength. It smells great and really seems to lessen the length of our colds. With two young children in school, this is a must in our house.


  • Proven to lessen the length and severity of colds
  • Also helps prevent colds


  • Difficult to get just one drop out of the bottle at a time
  • Pungent odor that some find distasteful

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2) Peppermint

This product is available in a 15ml container. A menthol-based oil, it works wonders in alleviating pain from injuries and is also beneficial for the respiratory system. Additionally, it helps soothe indigestion, irritable bowel syndrome, and general abdominal pain. It can be applied topically or orally.

Real Amazon Review: This peppermint is wonderful! I use it to get rid of headaches, to help with joint pain and to clean the air with a diffuser. It has a refreshing fragrance.


  • Fresh, soothing aroma
  • Boosts energy
  • Effective pain reliever


  • More pricey than other oils

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3) Tea Tree

RMO’s Tea Tree oil is another effective immune-booster. The formula in this oil targets bacteria, fungus, and can also help reduce allergies. Additionally, the oil helps promote respiratory health and can be used to treat acne and other skin care issues. The product comes in a 15ml container and can be diluted with other substances or applied directly.

Real Amazon Review: I love this company and this product! I always go to them when I’m in need of a new essential oil.


  • Excellent for skin care
  • Daily use can help prevent colds and other sicknesses
  • Can promote hair growth


  • Strong scent can bother people who are sensitive to smell

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4) Lemon

Available in a 15 ml container, this refreshing oil provides a variety of health and lifestyle benefits. Spray it around your house for a fresh, zesty scent, or use it as a totally natural, everyday household cleaning agent.

Real Amazon Review: Perfect lemon oil. Love this brand. Always consistent in quality and gets high ratings for third party testing. I am very, very careful about my therapeutic essential oils. This one scores ten stars if they had ten.


  • Lovely, refreshing aroma
  • Can be used as a household cleaner
  • Has an energizing effect on mood


  • Some customers complain that the oil is too diluted, making the scent rather weak
  • Phototoxic: can cause skin sensitization in people with sensitive skin, especially if area of application is in direct sunlight

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5) Tranquility

This is one of my personal favorites because of its relaxation-inducing effects. Infused with tangerine, orange, lime, lavender, blue tansy, patchouli, lime, and citronella, RMO’s Tranquility can also alleviate symptoms of depression, stress, and anxiety. You can apply this under your nose, on the back of your neck, and you can dilute it with massage oil before rubbing into skin. It can also be used as a diffuser. The product is available in a 15 ml container.

Real Amazon Review: I love this blend of oil so much I actually use it in place of perfume! It smells absolutely wonderful and the individual oils contained are good for so many issues. I use this oil at night in our bedroom with a diffuser in order to get a good night rest. Great product!


  • Reduces everyday stress and anxiety
  • Beautiful, soothing scent, can be used in place of perfume


  • A bit overpriced compared to other essential oils

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PictureOilWhat It TreatsPrice On Amazon
Rocky mountain immune strength essential oilImmune Strength BlendStrengthens immunity, lessens severity of colds, also prevents colds.Find On Amazon
Rocky mountain peppermint oilPeppermintDigestive aide, for those with IBS, bowel spasms, reduces pain.Find On Amazon
Rocky Mountain Tea Tree OilTea TreeRelieves acne, can prevent colds, can promote hair growth.Find On Amazon
Rocky mountain Lemon oilLemonEnergizing, great to use as a household cleaning product.Find On Amazon
Rocky mountain Tranquility OilTranquility BlendRelieves stress and depression, use everyday to combat daily stressors.Find On Amazon

Ready to Make a Decision?

If you’re looking for a consistently high-quality essential oil company, Rocky Mountain Essential Oils is a safe bet. Their products are GC/MS certified, meaning a third party has confirmed the quality and purity of the oils, so you really are getting a reliable, top-quality essential oil with this company. Additionally, RMO products generate consistently high reviews on Amazon and other retailers. Not to mention their first class customer service, providing you fast and easy information. It might be the first time I didn’t dread talking to a customer service representative over the phone!

If you’re looking for a soothing or relaxing oil that will boost your mood while also promoting wellness, try Tranquility or Peppermint. If you’re seeking an essential oil that is specifically designed to boost the immune system and fight infection, you’ll want to try Immune Strength or Tea Tree. Lemon is perfect if you’re tired of using harsh chemicals to clean your house and are instead seeking an all-natural, organic alternative. All five of these RMO essential oils are excellent, highly rated products that have a wide variety of health, wellness, beauty and lifestyle benefits.

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