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The Best Essential Oils for Arthritis and Pain

Essential oils for arthritis and inflammation

The Best Essential Oils For Arthritis and Pain

Countless numbers of people suffer from the effects of arthritis and its subsequent symptoms. The daily pain, stiffness, and inflamed joints inhibit people’s actions, sidelining them from their favorite daily activities. For many, instead of enjoying their retirement years, they’re forced to slow down way before their time.

But who wants to slow down when they still have dreams to conquer, activities to explore, golf tournaments to play, and new adventures to have. Is this simply their destiny?


There are various ways to help treat arthritis, pain, and inflammation, and many of them are effective. For example, a change in your diet can bring about extreme positive changes in how your symptoms manifest, the drugs you take can further inhibit inflammation (albeitEssential Oils For Arthritis with plenty of negative side-effects) and exercise helps stave off the unwanted symptoms and keep you mobile for years to come. However, there is another option to add to this ever-growing list of possibilities, essential oils.

Essential oils have been used medicinally for thousands of years, extracting the active ingredients from the plant into a distilled down medicinal version. Essential oils have been researched and shown effective for a variety of illnesses ranging from anxiety, stress, depression, colds and headaches to insomnia, fertility and more. Arthritis is just one more disease which can be helped with the use of these oils and their magical medicinal properties.

Essential Oils For Inflammation

Inflammation has been shown to be the underlying cause of all major chronic diseases today. And while we need a certain amount of inflammation as a normal defense response, when it gets out of control, it’s a likely predictor of disease. Prevention of this low-grade chronic inflammatory response is necessary to prevent future illness.

The best essential oils for inflammation are wide-ranging, and their benefits are endless. Many essential oils have anti-inflammatory properties, relieving the body of this chronic indicator of disease. When adding these oils to your daily routine, you’ll be combating the root cause of illness rather than just treating the symptoms.

PictureEssential OilUsesPrice
frankincenseFrankincensePowerful anti-inflammatory used for arthritis, atopic dermatitis and asthma.Find On Amazon
Ginger essential oilLavenderShould be in everyone's home. Good for inflammation, relaxation, sleep and pain.Find On Amazon
chamomile essentail oilChamomileFights inflammation and cancer, relaxes the nervous system.Find On Amazon
Ginger essential oilGingerPotent anti-inflammatory. Helps with pain, nausea and arthritis.Find On Amazon
Yarrow Root Essential OilYarrowPotent Anti-inflammatoryFind On Amazon


Frankincense essential oilA potent anti-inflammatory, frankincense is one of nature’s most powerful healing remedies. Also known as Boswellia, this resin has been found to be a powerful anti-inflammatory, countlessly studied for its benefits. Professor Werz from Friedrich Schiller University in Germany has found frankincense to be useful against inflammatory conditions such as asthma, rheumatoid arthritis or even atopic dermatitis. Use Frankincense with a diffuser, or mix into a cream for topical use along joints and injuries. 

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lavender essential oilProbably the most popular essential oil around, lavender oil has numerous benefits. Known for its calming and relaxing attributes, lavender is much more than a ‘spa’ fragrance. Lavender is also a potent anti-inflammatory, able to help treat pain and various chronic illnesses. If you have sore muscles, inflamed joints, or sprains, rub lavender oil on the affected area for great results. You can even make a poultice or medicinal cream for further use!

Lavender has also been shown to increase blood circulation and can help lower blood pressure as well as treat various skin disorders. This essential oil should be in everyone’s medicine cabinet for its wide ranging uses.

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chamomile essentail oilWidely known as a sleep aid and tasty tea, chamomile essential oil packs a lot of benefits into a tiny bottle. One of its biggest impacts is against inflammation and cancer, addressing the root cause of pain and disease rather than disguising the symptoms. Chamomile’s variety of volatile oils provide an array of benefits to the human body, and it’s been demonstrated that chamomile essential oils and flavonoids penetrate deeper into the skin, which is important for their use as an anti-inflammatory.

But chamomile doesn’t just stop pain and inflammation, it also stops cancer in its tracks. A study out of the Ohio State University found that a compound in chamomile called apigenin can stop breast cancer cells from spreading and from reproducing!

Use chamomile oil in a diffuser, or mix with a carrier oil to place directly on the skin.

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Ginger essential oilOne of my absolute favorite herbs, ginger has been used medicinally for thousands of years. One of the most important medicinals in Chinese medicine, ginger is an often sought after potent medicine. One of the biggest health benefits of ginger is its anti-inflammatory properties, making it one of the most effective herbs for nausea and pain.

Applied topically, ginger oil can help relieve pain, reduce joint soreness and promote circulation. This works great for inflamed joints, sore muscles, and tightness.

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Yarrow Root Essential OilA perennial herb found throughout Europe, yarrow is a common and important medicinal. Its health benefits vary widely, but most importantly it’s a potent anti-inflammatory. Yarrow can handle any type of inflammation, from nasal or respiratory tracts to digestive issues, yarrow essential oils is amazing.

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Essential Oils For Arthritis

Arthritis, by nature, is an inflammatory disease. Symptoms often cause swelling, redness, joint pain and stiffness, and when left untreated can leave the person feeling debilitated and full of discomfort. Thus, using the essential oils for inflammation are also completely valid for arthritis. However, there are certain oils specifically used to combat arthritis, and you can apply them topically or via diffusers. Known as anti-rheumatics, these specific oils will help combat the inflammation and pain in the joints, tissues, and muscles of rheumatoid arthritis and other inflammatory conditions. 

These essential oils are not only anti-inflammatory but also help with the elimination of waste while also modifying immune markers and altering the body’s metabolism.


Turmeric essential oilA darling of herbal medicine, turmeric can pretty much do anything! A superstar, wonder food, turmeric is one of the most researched herbs on earth. It’s been shown to be as effective as 14 pharmaceutical drugs and has been shown to fight free radicals, reduce inflammation, prevent cancer, cleanse the liver, protect the heart, boost mood, support the brain, prevent Alzheimer’s and more. If you want to live to be 150 years old, take turmeric.

When it comes to arthritis, there is no other oil you should purchase more than turmeric. A study done in Japan looked at the benefits of turmeric on those with Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA). The study found that turmeric can be an effective agent against the development of arthritis, and keep it from getting worse!

Use topically with a cream on your painful joints for best use.

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arnica essential oilArnica oil has often been used for inflammation, pain, bruises and more. The research also agrees, stating its benefits when it comes to inflamed joints and painful arthritis. Arnica has shown in research to benefit osteoarthritis, making it a go-to arthritis treatment. A 2007 study found arnica when used topically was as effective as drugs like ibuprofen and Advil! Use arnica oil with a carrier and place directly on the skin for full effectiveness.

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Myrrh Essential OilA classic of classics, Myrrh was used in the bible, therefore it MUST be good! Native to Egypt and Jordan, Myrrh’s anti-inflammatory effects have been greatly studied and on par with NSAIDS for treating arthritis. Mix Myrrh with olive oil and place on inflamed joints for relief. The Myrrh is able to lower the swelling in limbs by reducing levels of the inflammatory substance called leukotaxine.

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Essential Oil Pain Blend:

For those who want a fun DIY project, why not blend together the best herbs for arthritis and inflammation? This easy to make formula will blow your pain and inflammation away.

Eucalyptus: 3 Drips

Lavender: 2 Drops

Marjoram: 1 Drop

Rosemary: 2 Drops

Peppermint: 2 Drops

Carrier Oil: Your choice! Coconut oil, almond oil or olive oil are often used. 

Mix 9 drops of essential oil with 1 ounce of carrier oil. Once mixed together, feel free to place topically along joints and areas of pain. Easy!


If you haven’t tried using essential oils for arthritis, then it’s time you start. Essential oils have been used for centuries, with thousands if not millions of people proclaiming their benefits. And if the reviews of countless people don’t matter, how about the numerous studies and research done on these very potent and effective oils.

The jury is out, and if you aren’t using essential oils, you are missing out on a pain-free, healthy existence.

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