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The Top Healthy Living Blogs Of 2016

Top 25 Healthy Living blogs


If   you’re at all concerned with health and fitness, it’s important to get your facts right. It may come as no surprise that reading health and fitness blogs are the first place we all go to get the best information on living a healthy lifestyle. From the best all natural products, to fitness, nutrition, organic makeup and more, there’s an overabundance of information out there.

With that in mind, we decided to make your life a little easier. So we scoured the internet for the best healthy living bloggers out there, and shared with you our favorite websites dedicated to giving you the healthiest life possible.


Top 25 Healthy living blogger

Jenni Raincloud

A Natural Lifestyle Blog

Why You Should Follow Her: Jenni is an aesthetician and mother of two who realized the absurd amount of chemicals and toxins in her beauty products were too much to ignore. She decided to take matters into her own hands and started creating her own chemical-free products and created this blog to help educate readers.

Our Favorite Post: “Replace These 6 Products and Reduce Your Daily Chemical Intake”

Top 25 healthy living bloggerThis Organic Life

Homesteading, Homemaking, And Healthy Living

Why You Should Follow Her: Rachel is passionate about healthy living through nutrition, yoga, sustainable practices and more. She created the blog as a way to share her world of passions, creativity, and experimentation. She even makes her own homemade herbal skincare and body products.

Our Favorite Post: “The Northerner’s Guide To Staying Healthy In Winter (Happily & Naturally)”


Top 25 healthy living bloggerHolli Thompson

Where Food Matters

Why You Should Follow Her: Holly hit the rock bottom of health suffering with migraines, inflammation, and a compromised immune system. However, she didn’t let that stop her and devoted herself to nutritional training and culinary school. She’s come out the other end empowered and informed and ready to help everyone else.

Our Favorite Post: “What’s In My Medicine Cabinet”


Top 25 healthy living bloggerNature’s Nurture

Small Steps To A Non-Toxic Home

Why You Should Follow Them: After having children and realizing she couldn’t pronounce half the ingredients in her children’s products, Sarah decided to start Nature’s Nurture as a way to educate herself and others on protecting oneself and one’s family against the harmful chemicals in everyday products

Our Favorite Post: Simple Things You Need To Do To Create A Non-Toxic Home


Top 25 healthy living bloggerArt Of Natural Living

Enjoying The Green Life

Why You Should Follow Them: Inger is raising a family in the suburbs while trying to live a natural life. Learn how to grow local, organic foods and live a natural lifestyle. Her great blog has tons of recipes and gardening tips to help you get started.

Our Favorite Post: “10 Ways to Raise Kids Who Care About The Planet”


Top 25 healthy living blogsHappy Simple Living

The Art Of Less

Why You Should Follow Them: Eliza Cross is an organic gardener and obsessed with exploring ideas of simplicity, home, family, good food, saving money and sustainable living. Follow her blog for great articles on all the above topics and motivation to make your life artfully less.

Our Favorite Post: January Money Diet: Give Your Finances A Tuneup


Top 25 healthy living bloggersLight Clean Simple

Simple Living For Better Health, Natural Beauty, And Peace Of Mind

Why You Should Follow Them: Kate runs this blog as a way to inspire and motivate people to start living healthier. She seeks simple solutions to modern problems and tries to live with the knowledge that everything she puts in her body has an affect on her health.

Our Favorite Post: “6 Ways to Curb Work Stress”


Top 25 health bloggersMama Rosemary

Little Herbalists and Health Families

Why You Should Follow Them: Angela is a certified herbalist, mother, and teacher with an impressive background in science, botany, and nutrition. She created this blog as a means to share everything she’s learned thus far, and educate the world on her love for herbs, education, and science.

Our Favorite Post: “Herbal Support For Students And Families During Back To School Season”


Top 25 healthy living bloggersFemFusion Fitness

Women’s Wellness And Holistic Healthy Living

Why You Should Follow Them: Brianne is a physical therapist and certified health and nutrition coach. She has a passion for helping women heal their own bodies and teaching them how through self-care, nutrition, and fitness. Her blog is an energetic punch to get you moving and begin your own health journey.

Our Favorite Post: “It’s Okay To Be Mad: Fitness For Anger”


Top 25 healthy living bloggersEco-Chick

Because Mother Earth Is A Woman

Why You Should Follow Them: This is the first site dedicated to green fashion and beauty for women. Nothing is more important than what you put on your body, and when your clothes are green, you’re green. Beauty is health and this site shows you how to be green, sustainable and healthy with fashion.

Our Favorite Post: “Love Yourself! How to Fit Self-Care In (Even When You’re Really Busy!)


Top 25 healthy living bloggersThe Organic Life

Be Happy. Stay Weird. Live Well.

Why You Should Follow Them: Tara Mackey is one of the most well-known wellness leaders around and started Organic Life as socially conscious and sustainable business. She uses her blog as a way to inspire and educate readers to live whole and healthy.

Our Favorite Post: Taking Your Health Into Your Own Hands”


Top 25 healthy living bloggersOrganic Sunshine

A Green Mom’s Blog

Why You Should Follow Them: Nicole is a mom who’s passionate about health, work, and family. She created this blog as a way to stay creative while at the same time inform and engage her readers.

Our Favorite Post: “6 Ways To Make Your Bedroom Healthier”



Beauty By Britanie

Cultivate Natural Beauty From The Inside-Out

Why You Should Follow Them: This site was created by natural health advocate Britanie Faith. Among her various credentials, she’s a photographer, wellness advocate, and freelance makeup artist. She was catapulted into the natural health sphere after dealing with her own health issues of endometriosis, fibromyalgia, GERD and anxiety disorder. From then on, she realized the importance of natural, organic, healthy alternatives when it came to the beauty world. Follow her amazing blog as she reviews the very best in natural and organic products. 

Our Favorite Post: “5 Remedies To Help Calm Your Nerves”


Top 25 healthy living bloggerThe GlamOrganic Goddess

Not Your Typical Tree Hugger!

Why You Should Follow Them: Danielle is a breast cancer survivor with a mission. At the young age of 31, with no family history or known cause, she was diagnosed with both aggressive and nonaggressive stage II cancer. After receiving 2 surgeries, 33 radiation treatments, and traditional cancer therapies, she opted out of chemotherapy and tamoxifen in fear of the side-effects, she instead chose an integrative and natural approach to treatment. Since then she has dedicated her life to a healthy lifestyle and teaching what she’s learned along the way.

Our Favorite Post: “Beginner’s Guide To Clean Beauty”


jenniferIt’s Not Easy To Be Green

An Armchair Greenie Pontificates

Why You Should Follow Them: Jennifer lives in Northern California and is on her way to becoming a botanist. In her truthful blog, she delves into topics she loves without any attached special interests. With her, you know you’re getting the real deal.

Our Favorite Post: “8 Reasons To Never Buy Another Winter Tomato”


top 25 health bloggersGroovy Green Livin

Simple.Change.= Greener.Life.

Why You Should Follow Them: Lori Popkewitz Alper, a self-described “recovering attorney” believes that healthy living isn’t just what we put in our bodies but also what we put on our bodies. Read her dynamic blog fro great articles on a range of topics all dedicated to a healthier lifestyle.

Our Favorite Post: “My Picks For Non-Toxic Shampoos”


Top 25 healthy living blogsGet Green. Be Well.

Why You Should Follow Them: Kimberly Button is a green living expert and has a passion for natural, non-toxic products. As a child, she suffered numerous illnesses including kidney cancer, Chronic Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (CMCS), Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. This brush with illness catapulted her into the world of healthy living and the importance of becoming your own health advocate.

Our Favorite Post: “Is Your Home Toxic”


25 tip healthy living blogLife The Green Way

Bringing Green Mainstream

Why You Should Follow Them: Advertised as “Birmingham’s first and only green lifestyle blog”, Life the Green Way is not just for those who live in Alabama! Elena White created it as a resource to provide money-saving green tips as well as reviews of products and other environmental tips.

Our Favorite Post: “How To Reduce Your Water Footprint”


Top 25 Healthy Living BlogsOrganic Parenthood

Living Green And Raising Kids Naturally

Why You Should Follow Them: Tiffany is a wife and mother from Los Angeles who is passionate about living a natural healthy lifestyle outside of one’s comfort zone. She created this blog as an instruction book for living well and motivates others from her expertise as a massage therapist and alternative health expert.

Our Favorite Post: Reasons Why I Love Not Having A Car”


Top 25 healthy living blogsThe Eco Friendly Family

Why You Should Follow Them: Amanda loves a practical, modern approach to green living which makes a healthy lifestyle a more relatable one. She covers topics ranging from the home, food, women’s health all the way to raising kids green gifting ideas.

Our Favorite Post: “6 Steps To Cleaner Indoor Air”


Top 25 healthy living blogsGreen Grandma

Why You Should Follow Her: Green grandma combines old-fashioned ways with 21st-century common sense. Green Grandma focuses on teaching the new generation how to live their lives with healthier, more frugal, and spiritually fulfilled futures.

Our Favorite Post: “When Stress Builds Up It’s Time To Do Something About It”


The Top 25 Healthy Living BloggersJen & Joey Go Green

Why You Should Follow Her: Jen lives in Canada and is passionate about reducing her impact on the environment. She created a site which challenges you to get off your butt and take your health and the environment seriously.

Our Favorite Post: “Upcycle Old Clothes Into A Pencil Case”


Top 25 healthy living bloggersSimple. Green. Organic. Happy.

A Field Guide To Inspired Green Living

Why You Should Follow Them: For her kid’s sakes and everyone’s sake, Robin Strong Elton became a green mom. She’s dedicated her life to finding the best green products out there.

Our Favorite Post: “Gifts To Reduce Stress And Stay Healthy”


Top 25 healthy living bloggers you must followSweet Greens

Your Earth Friendly Guide To All Things Green

Why You Should Follow Them: Jenni is a green lifestyle writer and founder of Sweet Greens. She aims to help others improve the eating habits of families across the country, and created this blog as a way to share her ideas with others and create community.

Our Favorite Post: “Alarming Effects Of Indoor Air Pollution”


Top 25 healthy living blogsHappy Mothering

Inspiration To Live A Simple, Natural Lifestyle

Why You Should Follow Them: There were two defining moment’s in Chrystal’s life that sent her down the healthy living path. 1) When she was diagnosed with melanoma in 2007 and 2) When she found out she was pregnant for the first time. From there on out she dedicated herself to finding the best and healthiest way to raise a family and care for herself.

Our Favorite Post: “How To Create A Ritual For Setting Your Daily Intentions”



Finding ways to lead a healthy lifestyle can be overwhelming and confusing, not to mention incredibly frustrating. When it comes to getting the best information possible you have to find the right blogs. That’s why we did it for you! These fabulous women have put together websites which are informational, relatable, and all with the greatest intent. If you are looking for blogs to help you get back to health, why not try our top 25 healthy lifestyle bloggers for a start.

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