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NOW Brand Essential Oils Review

NOW essential oils review

Finding the right essential oil for your needs is the most important step when it comes to utilizing this safe and very effective herbal medicine. There are so many options, brands, formulas, and herbs out there, but where do you even begin?

That’s why it’s incredibly important to choose the best essential oil brand and not fall for the cheaper, less effective stuff. In this case, quality definitely beats quantity, and when you find a trusting essential oil company, you’ll feel better knowing that you bought the right oil for your needs. For other essential oil reviews, click here.

NOW Brand Essential Oils Review

NOW essential oils reviewToday we are going to look at NOW essential oils, otherwise known as NOW Solutions, a company that has been around since 1968, promoting, creating and supporting the natural health world before it became popular. NOW Solutions is a large organization that doesn’t just focus on essential oils but also on essential oil diffusers, nutritional supplements, natural foods, sports supplements and even pet health. Their wide range of products showcases their importance in the field, even providing advocacy for the natural health world fighting to change laws and make

A History

NOW has actually been around since 1948 and opened by entrepreneur Paul Richard in his small Chicago manufacturing company which made grains and legume-based products. This company is still family owned today providing a quality product by a family that cares about health and wellness. They believe that health isn’t just for the rich, but for everyone. It wasn’t until 1968 when NOW became the company it is today.

Ingredients Matter

NOW cares about their ingredients and drives home the importance of quality suppliers and farmers. They have developed long lasting relationships with their ingredient suppliers while at the same time guaranteeing a lower price for their customer due to their ability to purchase in bulk. A win-win for sure.

The company also provides testing, audits, and supplier requirements, guaranteeing a high-quality product for their consumers. For them, “natural isn’t just a word or marketing tool. It’s woven into the fabric of our culture.” And if you prefer organic products, they have a line of essential oils dedicated to being certified organic.

Manufacturing Goodness

When it comes to manufacturing practices, you want to know that each company does their best when it comes to creating the final product. At NOW foods they provide exhaustive testing procedures to guarantee each product comes out as a quality product. Quality ingredients are just the beginning and NOW foods understands purchasing quality ingredient is just the first step when it comes to the manufacturing process. They execute over 16,000 product tests every month in order to guarantee the absence of adulterants and contaminants. They were one of the first companies to receive certification through the Natural Products Association (then the NNFA), and were a part of the inaugural Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) program in 2000. They are also one of the first companies receive accreditation through the joint NPA/UL program in 2015. When it comes to going above and beyond, NOW foods truly goes there.  

Essential Oil Testing

And while the above practices are mandatory for all their products, NOW oils goes above and beyond for their essential oils. Purity and identity of oils is extremely important when it comes to assuring quality oils. At NOW foods they provide four separate tests to ensure the best oils. The company uses gas chromatography, Infrared spectroscopy, Refractive index and Specific gravity. If none of those words mean anything to you (what do they mean?) don’t worry, I don’t either. Just know that they are doing the utmost to create the best product. These tests ensure that your oils are pure and reflect the botanicals that are stated on the bottle.

My Favorite NOW Brand Essential Oils

With so many options available from this company, I’ve decided to give you a list of my favorite oils from the NOW company. They have a wide range of oils from singular botanicals, blends, organic and pure grade oils. The options may be endless, but it won’t stop me from listing my top list.

PictureEssential OilUsesBuy
NOW essential oils reviewLavenderClams anxiety, aids in sleep, relaxes body, use in laundry.Find On Amazon
NOW essential oils reviewPeaceful Sleep BlendAids in peaceful sleep, helps fall and stay asleep.
NOW essential oils reviewClean The Air BlendRids bad odors, cleans airs, opens airways.Find On Amazon
NOW essential oils reviewCheer Up Buttercup BlendWonderful citrus aroma, not overpowering, cheerful, bright.Find On Amazon
NOW essential oils reviewPeppermintAids in pest control, use as cleaning aid.Find On Amazon

1) Lavender Oil

NOW essential oils reviewAvailable in 1 ounce or 2 ounces, this is one of NOW Solution’s best sellers. Lavender is probably the most popular and recognized essential oil on the market and NOW has one of the best selling lavender oils. Labeled as 100% pure lavender oil, you can use this great smelling essential oil for a variety of things from anxiety, restless sleep to even using it in your laundry! It’s also one of the best deals out there for the best quality.

Real Review: “One word. Fantastic. Great price for this amount of oil. I use it everyday! I will be ordering it again…and again…and again!”

2) Peaceful Sleep Oil Blend

NOW essential oils reviewOne of the most highly rated blends from the NOW company, the peaceful sleep blend has a wonderful mix of orange, tangerine, lavender, chamomile, ylang-ylang and sandalwood. If you have been experiencing trouble falling asleep or staying asleep recently, this blend might be the trick you need. Place several drops into a diffuser while sleeping, or mix with a carrier oil and use on the bottom of your feet and on your temples for a relaxing rest.

Real Review: “These oils smell so lovely & truly do help you sleep peacefully. I was able to stop taking Benadryl at night to help me sleep. I use this oil in an aromatherapy room diffuser.”

3. Clear The Air Blend

now-clear-the-air-blendAnother wonderful essential oil blend, Clear The Air is a wonderful tool to help keep your house smelling fresh and wonderful even if you own pets, have children, or just want to get rid of a funky smell. Great for cleaning, opening up your airways, or getting rid of rancid smells in your kitchen, this mix utilizes the best smelling botanicals in a powerful way to help you feel and smell better. Place in your laundry for fresh smelling clothes, use in a diffuser, clean your countertops or just place a few drops on your temples to relax. It’s good for all of the above.

Real Review: “This is my favorite EO blend. It smells so wonderful! I usually mix my own but when I buy an already made mix, this is the one I get. It’s such a truly clean aroma! Not overwhelming at all either. LOVE it.”

4. Cheer Up Buttercup Blend

now-cheer-up-buttercupA distinct citrus, yet mild aroma, this blend’s cheerful smell will only turn your frown upside down. If you are looking for help with anxiety or depression, try diffusing this blend in your home, or mix with a carrier. Don’t worry about the citrus being overbearing, it has a mild tone to this cheerful fragrance.

Real Review: “I really like this scent, the combination is very pleasant and does put a smile on my face. Even my coworkers love smelling it when they come in my office. They say they always leave in a better mood (I haven’t even told them it is a cheer up blend ;)”


NOW essential oils reviewOne of the highest selling essential oils for the NOW brand, peppermint is also one of the most versatile and useful oils to have in your repertoire. This oil has been shown to work as a pest control, cleaning supply, laundry detergent, antibacterial, antimicrobial, essential oil beast! Have mice in your home? Try dabbing a cotton ball with the peppermint oil and place the ball behind your cabinets, counters and other problem areas. Replace them once a month for pest protection.

Real Review: “Bottom line. It works. Do not waste any more time, energy, and emotion worrying about your mice and rats, terrified to even go into your own kitchens, bedrooms, and bathrooms. Take control of the situation, and do it in a way that is safe, clean, and has the added benefit of making your house smell like Christmas year round.”


Our NOW oils review is an attempt to provide you the best information when it comes to your next oil purchase. Quality is just as important as price and NOW Solutions has uniquely provided both as important qualities to their customers. NOW is one of the few essential oil brands which offer great quality for a great price, never lowering their standards in order to sell more units. I truly trust this brand and their quality products, as well as their own formulations of essential oil blends. If you are looking for a brand to begin your journey with, start now with NOW solutions.

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