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Aromatherapy And Essential Oils For Dogs

aromatherapy and essential oils for dogs

Aromatherapy and Essential Oils For Your Dog: Man’s best friend.

Life wouldn’t be the same without our furry, loyal friends, and it’s our job to keep them happy and healthy. We would do anything for our dogs, wouldn’t we? So what happens when our pets are sick, anxious or not sleeping. What are some of the remedies we can give our beloved dogs in order to help them get better?

What Are Essential Oils?

Essential oilsEssential oils for sleep for dogs is a great option when it comes to caring for our beloved animal friends. These oils are actually herbs that have been distilled down into liquid form. Absorbed by inhalation, ingestion or through direct contact of the skin, these potent botanicals go a long way.

The constituents of essential oils have been shown to be very powerful and after studying and researching these awesome oils, scientists have learned a lot about their medicinal value, thus leading to wider interest. They have been shown to be antibacterial, antiviral, antifungal, anti-inflammatory, reduce stress and anxiety, lower depression, stop headaches, reduce pain, lower cravings, enhance sleep, and the list goes on. Essential oils are a great tool to use with your pets as they are safe and effective. However, it’s still important to remember that dogs are not humans. Oils will work differently on them than us, and some oils will negatively affect the animals we love. So it’s important to understand which essential oils are the best for your pets.

What To Look For In Essential Oils For Dogs

essential oils for dogsWhen looking for essential oils for your pets, it’s important to use 100% pure essential oils and not perfume grade oils. Perfume oils are not medicinal and are mostly synthetic oils with the only purpose of making you smell better. Therapeutic grade oils are made for medicinal purposes and work wonders to create health in the body.

Make sure to dilute your oils properly to guarantee they aren’t too strong for your pets and use correct dosages. You can always look at the warning labels on your bottles for more information. A good rule of thumb is to dilute heavily and use moderately. Never give dogs the same dose you would give yourself!

Also, avoid using the following oils on dogs regularly: Wintergreen, thyme, clove, cassia, camphor, and oregano. While fine when used on an occasional basis, don’t make a habit of these oils for dogs.

Dosing For Pets

For smaller dogs and cats:

3-5 drops. Dilute the oils 80-90% in a carrier oil such as coconut oil. For every 1 drop of oil, use 3-5 drops of diluting agents.

Larger Animals:

Large dogs. Start with 3-5 drops.

Very large animals:

Horses and cattle. Start with 10 drops.

Top 5 Essential Oils For Pets

PictureEssential OilUsesBuy
lavender essential oilLavenderReduces anxiety, calms the nervous system, helps with separation anxiety.Find On Amazon
sweet fennel essential oilFennelAids digestion, promotes good bowels.Find On Amazon
frankincenseFrankincenseWound care, behavioral issues, skin irritations.Find On Amazon
Valerian Essentail OilValerianAnxiety, good for distressed dogs, nerve tonic, calming.Find On Amazon
spearmint essential oilSpearmintPromotes good digestion, reduces nausea, diarrhea.Find On Amazon


NOW essential oils reviewThe King of essential oils, lavender is good for you and your dog. Lavender is known to help calm the nervous system, sedate and relax any nerves. If your dog is having separation anxiety or barking too much, why not try diffusing some lavender in the house for an hour before you leave?

A 2006 study found that lavender oil reduced dog’s’ movements and barking during travel, and the study’s authors proclaimed that while other treatments may be time-consuming and expensive, essential oils are a safe, practical and cost-effective method of treatment. No wonder lavender oil is the king of essential oils, it works for everyone and anything.


sweet fennel essential oilFennel is an amazing essential oil, one in which greatly helps the digestive systems of both humans and dogs. Fennel use dates back to the Ancient Greeks, Romans, and Chinese, and has been helping people have better bowel movements forever. Apply 1 to 2 drops directly on the stomach of your dog to promote great bowels. 

When it comes to other health issues, fennel essential oil can help assist their adrenals, break up toxins and balance thyroid gland.


frankincenseFrankincense is generally known as a very safe essential oil for your pets and less potent than some of the other oils. Used for wound care and for treating behavioral issues, frankincense is one of those oils that can be used with great versatility. For skin irritations, place a few drops of frankincense oil on a cotton ball and place directly on the skin.


Valerian Essentail OilMany dogs, especially rescue dogs, experience stress or anxiety resulting in unnecessary barking, disruptive behavior around the house or more. It can be distressing for the dog and their human, and luckily valerian is a known nerve tonic which can help with this stressor.

As a nerve tonic, this essential oil will be able to calm the nervous system allowing the dog to relax in situations that would be otherwise stressful. Valerian is an uplifting oil, giving your dog confidence and a sense of calm. It’s a calming and safe method to utilize on your dog before you seek out other treatment. Put valerian oil in a diffuser in your house and allow your dog to breathe in the medicinal value of this oil.


spearmint essential oilOften used for gastrointestinal issues, spearmint is a great choice for nausea, vomiting or diarrhea. It helps balance the metabolism as well as stimulate the gallbladder.

 How To Use Oils On Your Dogs:

Using essential oils for your pets is generally safe, but it is always better to be safe than sorry. Never use the same dose for your pets as you would for yourself, and when you diffuse the oils make sure to start slowly. In general, only use the oils medicinally for two weeks on your pets in order to make sure there is no further harm being done to them.

Essential oils can be very exciting, but don’t overdo it! You may be accidentally overdosing your pets if you continually diffuse the aromas in your house. It’s tempting to constantly diffuse these amazing scents in your home and get carried away, but believe me, your dogs won’t be too happy.

Remember how powerful a dog’s nose is? Yea, well they can smell your essential oils from a mile away—be modest, always dilute oils and start slow. Also, make sure to dilute the oils before placing them directly on their skin. Some oils will need to be mixed with carrier oils such as olive oil, in order to make sure there will be no allergic reaction.


Essential oils are a wonderful way to treat a variety of illnesses for you and your pets. If you want to create a healthy lifestyle for your furry friends, give them a heads up, and support their well-being by using essential oils. If you are all interested in using this effective treatment, just make sure to do it wisely as we all know  our furry best friends can have a variety of reactions to different things (my dog HATES lavender, go figure!)


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