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the best cheap essential oils

A Guide To My Favorite Cheap Essential Oils

best cheap essential oils

Essential oils are incredible medicinals used in a variety of ways for numerous health benefits, household cleaning agents, and their delightful aromas. But it’s also no secret that essential oils can be expensive, with multiple companies utilizing multilevel marketing, which only further skyrocket prices. With this in mind, it’s important to find reliable, quality brands that offer you the best products for fair prices.

But why would you buy essential oils in the first place, what’s the benefit? I mean, aren’t they just good smelling oils, what’s the big deal anyway? Well, essential oils are more than just good smelling oils that hide your B.O. Essential oils are actually herbs that have been distilled down into a concentrated liquid form. And when I say herbs, I mean a LOT of herbs. For example, one 15ml bottle of lemon oil takes 75 lemons! There are around 300 drops in a 15ml bottle, so 1 drop would equal 1/4 of a lemon! That’s high concentration.

With that in mind, these powerful blends and single herb oils have been shown to have great benefits including, reducing inflammation and pain, improving sleep, reducing headaches, balancing hormones, boosting fertility, helping with anxiety, easing depression and more. With all these health benefits, it’s no wonder that use of these essential oils is skyrocketing, with more and more people recognizing the health benefits of these healthy blends. Just because they are incredibly healthy doesn’t mean they have to be incredibly expensive, that’s why I’ve created a list of my favorite cheap essential oils.

PictureEssential Oil BrandWhy We Like TheamAverage PriceFind On Amazon
best cheap essential oilsPlant TherapyThey were selected by the BCEO as being the #1 seller of the best cheap essential oils$6-$11Find on Amazon
NOW essential oils reviewNOW Essential OilsQuality, organic, free of pesticides and contaminants.$7-$12Find on Amazon
best cheap essential oilsAura CaciaThey provide in-house testing and quality control of their oils to ensure a very high quality product.A bit higher in price than NOW or Plant Therapy, but still very affordableFind on Amazon
essential oils for sleep and insomniaEdens GardenThey offer essential oils with no filler, additives or bases and use this brand personally on a consistent basis.$7-$12 for single bottles, and $25-$75 for kits.Find on Amazon

Plant Therapy

best essential oils for coldsA true family owned business, Plant Therapy was started by Chris and Amanda Jones. They saw the demand for a different type of essential oil company, one in which provides quality oils but for a more affordable price. With this in mind, they created a brand with a reputation of some of the highest standards in the industry. This company makes sure that every oil is “100% pure, natural, AND of the highest quality, making it appropriate for use in aromatherapy.” This company understands the need for something affordable in this market, something that can be trusted. The company does its due diligence, researching the background, reputation, and commitment to quality that every farmer, distiller, and supplier. I love this company for their commitment to quality and affordability. I inherently trust every one of their products and believe they have completed their mission.

NOW Essential Oils

NOW essential oils review

One of the most well-known companies out there, you’ve probably seen NOW essential oils at your local health food store. This company sells more than just essential oils, they also sell vitamins, supplements as well as beauty products and pet supplies. NOW truly believes that health isn’t just for the rich, and created products to be enjoyed by everyone, not just those with hefty wallets. They also have high standards and make sure they employ quality suppliers and farmers for all their products. How are they able to offer great prices for such high-quality products? It all stems from their long lasting relationships with their ingredient suppliers, and their ability to purchase in bulk, thus offering us the best prices. Now is a reliable brand that you can always count on to have affordable prices and great products.

Aura Cacia

Another well-known and popular brand you’ve probably seen at your local health food store, Aura Cacia has a good reputation. The company started in 1982 and promises high quality, certified organic products. They’re certified organic by the authority of Organic Foods Production Act, which is music to the ears for those who place a high value on quality organic products. With this organic seal of approval, you would think they would sell these oils at a high premium, but just the opposite is true. Aura Cacia places high value on making their products available, with over 89 single herb brands and 21 blends at a competitive rate.

Edens Garden

essential oils for sleep and insomnia

Another personal favorite, Edens Garden is among the biggest brand names in essential oils. With a huge fanbase and a reputation for being trustworthy, Edens Garden should be on your list for one of the best oil companies at a cheap price. The company makes sure their oils are 100% pure, with no fillers or additives, no chemicals, non-GMO, as well as no fillers. If you want a product that is pure, this is the stuff. This is another company that has set itself apart by creating products of high value but at a lower price.


With more and more options available at affordable prices, essential oils are no longer just for the wealthy. Anyone can begin their foray into essential oils without having to break their wallets, and you can still be guaranteed high quality and standards. Don’t be scared away from the multilevel marketing schemes that have ended up taking over the essential oil market, there are companies like the ones above which have set themselves apart and are available to the general public without the crazy prices and loopholes. I almost exclusively use the brands above due to their high quality standards, affordability, and availability. I have yet to be dissapointed and neither will you.

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