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the best indoor LED grow lights

The Best Indoor LED Grow Lights Reviews

Growing plants and vegetation year round can seem like a daunting task, especially if you live in a climate with four unpredictable seasons, many of which don’t give you a lot of sunlight. Luckily, there are plenty of options when it comes to growing plants indoors, especially when it comes to your lighting options. From LED lights to fluorescent and incandescent, there are tons of options and decisions to be made. You can get a general understanding of the different lighting options here.

LEDs–The Wave of the Future?

LEDs are the new kids on the block but may become the future of indoor growing. These lights are extremely energy efficient, and can produce dual-band color spectrum (red and blue lights) at the same time! This is great for growing indoors because it promotes plant growth. These lights also have minimal heat production and will reduce your A/C costs.

For those of you who have narrowed down your options and know you want LED grow lights, where do you go next? LED is a great option for those who are serious gardeners, for those who want the maximum bang for their buck. While initially more expensive, LED lights have been shown to last longer, lighter, and they maximize blue and red lighting to provide the ultimate balance for your plants.

Our Guide To The Best Indoor LED Grow Lights Reviews

Don’t be overwhelmed by the sheer quantity of LED lights out there, variety is great and we’ll help you narrow your choice to the best indoor grow light for your needs. When it comes to looking for a quality light, you should be looking for size, weight, safety, and quality. LED lights are great because they are extremely light in weight—allowing you to move them around as often as possible and not hassle with heavy, awkward fixtures.

What to Look For in a LED Grow Light

When it comes to LED lights, they will all grow your plant from a seedling to full bloom flower, but you have to ask yourself what you are growing. Some lights are designed for a specific type of plant and growth, and if you are someone who wants to simply grow plants in your home, you might want a different light than those who want to grow marijuana (for places that it’s legal, of course).

Size Matters

The size of your of your growing space is also of concern as this will dictate the size and number of LED units you buy. In general, you’ll want 32 watts of wattage per square foot of growing space for flowering high-light plants (cannabis for example). If you measured 16 square feet, you’d want to buy a 500-550 watt grow light.

If you are growing low light plants (herbs, lettuce) you will need about 11-18 watts per square foot of growing space.

It’s also important to know what kind of light they are using, and if it’s the best light to grow plants. Blue and red light are usually the best to promote plant growth.

Types Of LED Grow Lights

ImageBrand and TypeProsConsFind On Amazon
best indoor led grow lightsMarsHydro Mars 300-Reliable brand with one year warranty.
-Great for hydroponic indoor greenhouse, garden plants.
-132 Watts
-Great quality for the price
-Great for beginners
-Some say the fan is loud

Find on Amazon
best indoor LED grow lightsRoleadro Panel Grow Light Series-Cheap
-Red/Blue Spectrum
-Great for seeds and leaf growing, potted plants
-Lower wattage than the rest.
-Smaller, 45 Watts
-Can get a bit hot
Find on Amazon
best led indoor grow lightsGalaxHydro 300W-Promotes plant growth, flowering, fruiting, germination.
-Fans are quiet
-Very bright
-Bigger and yields more crop. 300 Watts
-Be careful with burning/bleaching of leaves. The closer to the plant, the worse the reaction.Find on Amazon
best indoor LED grow lightsTao Tronics-For anyone who doesn't want to fully commit, this is a great way to dip your toes.
-Just the bulb for one or two plants.
-All stages of plant growth
-Less heat
-Great for garden units, or anywhere with low light
-Fits a standard lightbulb socket
-Small, won't get all your plants.
-12 Watts
Find on Amazon

Mars Hydro

best indoor led grow lightsThe Mars Hydro is an incredibly popular brand, with over 7 years experience in this new lighting field. The high-quality products have become staples in the industry providing energy efficient lighting with full spectrum lights of red, blue, and white from the ultimate growth of vegetable and flowering stages. If you aren’t sure, they also provide a one-year warranty and a 30-day return policy, just in case you aren’t happy with your purchase (unlikely).

If you are new to the game and can’t part with the hundreds of dollars often required of the best LED lighting systems, the Mars Hydro is definitely a great entry into the LED world. This system is a great price for the quality, hovering around $80 on Amazon. And if you aren’t convinced by us, just look at the reviews—a consistent 5 stars with people raving about their quality and the amount of vegetation they were able to grow.

Roleadro Panel Grow Light System

Another great system for beginner’s this 45 Watt panel is on the cheaper side, with red and blue lights to best help plant growth. This is a popular model, weighing only around 1.7 pounds. You can easily hang this in your home or greenhouse, and it comes with mounting supplies as well! This is a lot smaller than it might look in the picture and will cover around one to two plants. This model has also gotten a lot of great reviews, with the most commented aspect being its quality for the price. If you have no idea what LED lights are, and want to start with something low budget, this is a great product.

GalaxyHydro LED Grow Light

best led indoor grow lightsThe GalaxyHydro LED grow light is another highly popular light with great reviews and return customers. This version has 300 Watts of power, with blue and red lights for optimal plant growth, two cooling fans to keep the temperature down, and a light lifespan of around 50,000 hours. This light works great for veggies such as jalapenos, tomatoes, radishes, and more. This light is a powerhouse and will be a workhorse for you and your crop. People are raving over the quality of this product and the customer service to help you with any questions or concerns. This light is very bright, not too heavy, and it’s at a fantastic price.

Tao Tronics LED Grow Light Bulb

For the not committers, those who don’t really know what they want or what they are looking for, this is the perfect solution. You don’t have to mount anything or put any holes in your walls, all you have to do is place this bulb in any lamp and you are set. This light bulb has 12 Watts of red and blue growing light, 12-month warranty, and great customer service. This light will give your plants the extra boost needed to flower, bloom, or evolve into their next stage of growth. This small bulb will allow you more control over your plants, easily allowing you to prevent overheating, or burning of the leaves. This is the lightest and easiest option, but for only $10 more you can get the Roleadro panel allowing you more light for your plants. However, if you really are looking for the perfect introduction into the LED world, without all the hassle, this is the way to go.


Growing your indoor garden doesn’t have to be tricky or difficult, especially if you live in Buffalo. Bring summer indoors with these amazing LED lights, and save money on food year round. We don’t have to have the weather dictate our crops anymore, and if you want to make your own food, grow your own crops, and just keep gardening all year round, try out these amazing indoor LED lights. You won’t be disappointed.

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