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plant therapy essential oils review guide

Why We Love Plant Therapy Essential Oils

Plant Therapy is owned and operated by Chris and Amanda Jones, a married couple who realized that essential oils don’t have to be extremely expensive in order to guarantee quality. This family run business has a mission best explained by the very people that run it:

“Our ultimate goal is not to be the largest essential oil company; it is to positively impact the lives of as many people as humanely possible.”

plant therapy essential oils reviewWell said! The folks at Plant Therapy are able to accomplish this goal with exceptional customer service, exceptional quality, and an exceptional experience.

Plant Therapy’s Quality Assurance

Plant therapy essential oils reviewQuality is the most important factor when it comes to essential oils, and Plant Therapy makes sure their product is the best on the market. They are 100% natural and test their final products extensively, not only from testing in analytical laboratories but also by working with renowned essential oil expert, Richard Tisserand.

Each oil is organoleptically tested by Richard Tisserand before being sent to a third party testing facility. Organoleptic means smelling the oil from a testing strip over time. This allows Richard to smell the oil, evaluate the color, consistency, and appearance in order to gauge its value.

After Richard’s extensive testing, the oils are then sent to a third party laboratory where they undergo various tests including Gas Chromatography and Mass Spectrometry. With these tests, they are able to find adulterants and anything else hidden in the oils.

What’s incredibly unique about Plant Therapy is they allow you to look up your unique essential oil bottle from a bar code, and let you see the exact results for your specific batch. The transparency of this company is unrivaled.

Our Favorite Plant Therapy Essential Oils

ImageOilUsesFind On Amazon
plant therapy essential oils reviewTop 6 Organic Oil Starter Pack-The top Organic oils
-Use as singular oils or blend together
-Great for beginners
Find on Amazon
plant therapy essential oils reviewRespir-Aid Synergy Blend-Use for asthma, colds, or anytime you are feeling sick
-Opens up respiratory system, allows you to breathe again
Find on Amazon
plant therapy essential oils reviewKidSafe Starter Kit-The first line of essential oils specifically for kids
-Safe for kids ages 2-10
-Great blends for all needs
Find on Amazon
best essential oils for coldsGerm Fighter Synergy Blend-Use to clean your house
-Use when sick
-Use to prevent sickness
-Diffuse in house to kill germs
Find on Amazon
plant therapy essential oils reviewWorry Free Synergy Blend-Great for stress relief
-Use at first signs of anxiety or panic
-Diffuse in house 30 minutes before bed
Find on Amazon

With all that said, we definitely have our favorite products from Plant Therapy and would love to share them with you. The following is our top 5 products from the Plant Therapy catalog and why we love them.

1) Top 6 USDA Certified Organic Essential Oils Set

plant therapy essential oils reviewThis six-item set of organic essential oils is the perfect entrance into the world of oils and healthy living. It includes eucalyptus, orange, lavender, peppermint, lemon and tea tree, all certified organic, all great quality. There are no fillers, additives, bases, or carriers added to these high-quality oils, and it’s at an affordable price. Each oil can be used on its own or blended together. I like using these oils in my essential oil diffuser, for a fragrant aroma for my home. If you are looking for the ultimate starter pack, try this set! Personally, I always prefer to buy organic when possible, and Plant Therapy makes their organic products extremely affordable. This is just another reason why I absolutely LOVE this company!


2) Germ Fighter Synergy Blend

best essential oils for coldsThe Germ Fighter Synergy Blend is a 100% pure, undiluted, therapeutic grade essential oil blend comprised of lemon, clove, cinnamon, eucalyptus, and rosemary. I love this blend for its wide range of uses and its amazing aroma. Try it as a cleaning agent, just dilute with water or white vinegar in a spray bottle and clean your home with this delicious scent. Or, if you feel like you’re getting sick, place a few drops of the germ fighter into a carrier oil (coconut oil for example) and place it on the bottom of your feet for ultimate results! You can also simply add the oil to your essential oil diffuser and let it protect your home from bacteria and any lingering illnesses.

This is the ultimate immune system booster, created to help you overcome the seasonal cold that’s going around, or prevent it in the first place. Many people love it for its ability to clear up the nostrils, as a disinfectant, or a replacement for the more expensive Thieves oil from Young Living.


3) Respir-Aid Synergy Essential Oil Blend

plant therapy essential oils reviewA blend of oils comprised of eucalyptus, pine, peppermint, lavender, spruce, marjoram, and cypress, this is one of the freshest smelling fragrances I have ever inhaled. Even if I’m feeling completely healthy, I love diffusing this blend in my home to create a clean, fresh smelling quality. If you are having trouble breathing, simply place 5 drops in a large bowl of hot water (not boiling) and inhale for 5 minutes. This will open up your airways and allow you do breathe deeply, supporting the respiratory system to allow you to feel better. Seasonal illnesses may feel like they never go away, one day we feel great, and the next day we are on our butts unable to move. This blend helps you get back in the right direction towards health, helping you breathe easier as well as purifying the air and killing off any bacteria or germ infested areas. This is great for asthma, a cough, the common cold, stuffed nose and more.


4) KidSafe Starter Set: 6 Essential Oil Synergies

plant therapy essential oils reviewOne of the most unique aspects of the Plant Therapy brand is their KidSafe line. The company created the KidSafe line as an attempt to make sure their oils are completely safe (hence the name) and effective for kids between the ages of 2 and 10. Created by essential oil expert Robert Tisserand, this line has an amazing array of synergistic blends created for your little ones. This starter kit includes, A+ Attention, Calming the Child, Nighty Night, Germ Destroyer, and Sniffle Stopper. All six are safe to use on your child, placing a few drops on their temples, feet, or elsewhere. I love roll on essential oils as they are already mixed with carrier oils to be safe when applied topically. Kids love the smell, parents love how effective they are.


5) Worry Free / Stress Free Synergy Blend

plant therapy essential oils reviewThe Worry Free Synergy blend is a great mix of Lavender, Marjoram, Ylang Ylang, Sandalwood, Vanilla, and Roman Chamomile. 100% pure and undiluted, this blend is a natural stress reliever, calming your nervous system and keeping you relaxed all day. This blend will help you cope with stressful situations, easing the feelings of panic and tension in your body. Diffuse the oil 30 minutes before bedime, or dilute with a carrier oil and rub on your chest and neck. For topical use, dilute to 3%. At the first sign of anxiety or panic, use the roll on oil along your temples, or simply use as prevention.


Finding the best essential oil company can be a hard task, with so many options and dedicated followers, each brand has their pros and cons. However, Plant Therapy really seems to get it—they want to bring you quality oils for less, and are a family run company who cares about their customers. They also don’t participate in any multilevel marketing, which make it easier for anyone to get involved and truly participate in the essential oil world.


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