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best rain boots for walking

best rain boots for walkingWhen it comes to being outside in the rain, it’s not always a fun trip to the park. But finding the best rain boots for walking and gardening can make a huge difference for your favorite outdoor activities. When we travel, we can’t decide the weather, so we go outside anyway, even if it’s pouring down rain, wind blowing, miserable thoughts in our minds. If you’re only at the Eiffel Tower once, you better suit up and go see it! Boots may seem uncomfortable and not necessarily good for walking all day, but we found the most comfortable rain boots around.

Boots come in all shapes, sizes, colors, styles, and purposes. It’s not always fun looking for shoes, especially when there are hundreds of brands and styles available to you, that’s why we gathered a list of the most comfortable boots for rain, and if you’re in a hurry, here’s a link to our favorite boot for women, the Bogg’s Women’s Seattle Solid Boot.  And for the men, our favorite is the XTRATUF Performance Series Rain Boots

What To Look for in a Comfortable, Waterproof Walking Boot

When you’re shopping for comfortable rain shoes for travel or gardening you want to make sure they meet a few criteria.

  1. Do they leak? Do they keep the water from seeping into your shoes, thus making your socks wet and making you cold and miserable?
  2. Do the high rain boots fit nicely around the calf? Let’s face it, some people have thin calves and some people have thicker calves, and it’s always tough to find boots that work for those of us (including myself) who have bigger calves. This can cause a lot of discomfort, especially with high boots. And walking or gardening becomes a tedious task.
  3. Do the boots have a lining to help make the boots more comfortable or are they purely utilitarian for the rain? Some rain boots will make sure the boots have comfortable linings, making sure you can walk in them, and walk comfortably. Other boots are purely for short walks in the pouring rain or mud, so make sure yours are made for comfort


The Best Rain Boots For Walking and Gardening

Women’s Rain Boots: Bog’s Women Seattle Solid Boot

Best Rain Boots For Walking

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The Bog’s Seattle boot is a waterproof dream. With rubber soles, this mid-cut rain boot is easy to slip on and off and is perfect for walking the Champs-Elysees on a cold and rainy day. Bog’s really had comfort and practicality in mind, making the boots slip on/off, and was designed to keep your feet comfortable, warm, and DRY.

They will keep you warm in temperatures as low as 5 degrees Farenheight, and you won’t have to worry about slipping on pavement as some shoes will do. They also added in a DuraFresh biotechnology which will help your feet stay odor-free and keep them from stinking all day, this might be the most exciting part!   

I love these boots as they are cute and made for walking. A lot of the options out there for rain boots are high and cut across the shins making it uncomfortable to walk in all day. Additionally, the mid-cut boot allows you more freedom when gardening, allowing you to bend and sit on your knees without the annoying distraction of your high boots cutting you below the knee. I also love the fact that the boots are actually cute, allowing me to feel guilt free wearing them out and about in the world.


  • People love these boots for their many adventures, traversing them through Iceland, Florida, Chicago, and even the Arctic!
  • These shoes are known to be comfortable the first time you wear them, hardly a need to wear them in, getting yourself blisters for the first few weeks.
  • These are made to be walked in, with women wearing them hiking, traveling, gardening and more.
  • Excellent Tread, you won’t slip anywhere.
  • Handles on the side make it easy to pull on and off
  • Extremely comfortable, great for walking and any other outdoor activity.
  • Cute and stylish!


  • May run a little big, so buy a half size or one size smaller.
  • For those with wide feet, it may be tricky to slip them on.

The Bogg’s Seattle Rain Boot has a lot of fans and for good reason, it’s a great, versatile, comfortable rain boot. If you would like to read more opinions, read the reviews here!

Hunter Original Short Tartan Rain Boot

best rain boots for walking

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The classic rain boot company, Hunter makes great rain boots for all types of needs. These are the boots of the royal family, so if they’re good enough for the Queen, they’re good enough for me. The short tartan boot is perfect for those who want a boot that’s easy to walk in, stylish, and perfect for the city or countryside.

These boots may be called “short” but they are still 16 inches high. However, in comparison to the other Hunter boots, these are definitely shorter. These have very comfortable, cushy soles, and hit you just below mid-calf, if you are a gardener or someone who needs a great rain boot for long walks or hikes, Hunter made this for you.

Whether you’re sporty, outdoorsy, a city slicker, or just want to look cool, this is a great option. The shorter cut allows you more flexibility why also getting great protection from the less than ideal weather conditions. The classic colors are timeless, green, black, etc—you’ll look like you just played a game of Polo with your rich cousin Chester.

I personally think these boots are some of the more stylish rain boots around and are great for girls with thicker calves—they feed nice and easily, and don’t cut off circulation to your legs. What’s also great about this shorter option is it makes driving easier. 



  • Very stylish
  • Very comfortable, great for gardening, hiking, or lots of walking
  • Fits nicely with more muscular calves. Doesn’t cut off circulation.
  • Easy to drive in.
  • Comfortable insoles


  • Reviewers commented on how they run a little big. Order a half size or one size smaller.

The Hunter mid-calf rain boot is a popular item with many great advantages including comfort, style, and practicality. I love these boots because they look nice and can be worn in the city going to work or out in the country when you are ready to relax and have fun. If you would like to read some reviews, click here!

Sam Edelman Women’s Tinsley Rain Boot: The City Woman’s Rain Boot


best rain boots for walking

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This boot is confusing because it doesn’t look like a normal rain boot—it looks more like a stylish, luxury shoe which should be worn to the office or a nice dinner, during any day of the week, not just the rainy ones. This rubber soled, pull on, padded footbed boot is perfect for the woman who wants to remain chic while walking through the city. It’s also perfect for the world traveler, walking miles upon miles a day, going through TSA checks, and managing a busy schedule.

Style and comfort are the two most important considerations here, and they pull it off well. These boots are lightweight, incredibly comfortable and can be worn every day. If you don’t have any heavy duty adventures or requirements to keep dry such as walking through tall puddles, working on a farm, gardening, or other dirty outdoor activities, this is a great choice. If your only requirement is that your shoes are waterproof and comfortable, these are a great choice. It’s hard to find nice rain boots to wear to the office or downtown, but these work perfectly well for those needs.

Reviewers of these shoes love them for the office, they aren’t hot like other boots but light cool. If you want to warm up, just add some thermal socks and order the shoe one size up. Overall these rain boots are functional, practical, and great for the Pacific Northwest or those who need a great option on the go. Definitely less hassle than the heavier, work boots, you won’t have to drag your feet wearing these shoes.


  • Lightweight, stylish and very comfortable.
  • Perfect for walking in the city or traveling,
  • Not bulky, can be worn every day.
  • Perfect for going to work.
  • Practical


  • Run small. If you want more insulation or to wear heavier socks, order one size up.
  • Some say the shoes rubbed the ankles, so make sure to wear long socks with them.
  • Not enough traction for hiking.
  • The elastic, black part of the shoe is not waterproof, so don’t go jumping in puddles.

In all, if you are looking for some practical, lightweight shoes that will keep your feet dry when traveling, these are the shoes for you. Not bulky, stylish, and great for business, dinners, or hanging out in the city, this is a great choice for the woman on the move. However, if you are looking for more durability, and better waterproof abilities, check out the other shoes on the list. Check out reviews here. 

 Kamik Jennifer Rain Boots

best rain boots for walking

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One of the most popular boots around, the Kamik Jennifer rain boot is a classic. These waterproof boots are rubber soled and comes up to the mid-calf, with wingtip foot, adjustable buckle at the calf and a removable insole. I can’t talk about rain boots without at least featuring one tall boot, and this one fits the script. Coming in a variety of cool colors, Kamik is a classic brand with a huge following.
I like these boots for their style, arch support, and ability to hand lots of stress, wear and tear. The treads are wonderful, letting you hike or work on a farm without any worry, and you won’t be scared of any ice, snow, mud, rain or puddles that get in your way.
What’s also nice about these boots is their lightweight feel, not weighing you down even though they look heavy and durable. With the flexible leather, you can bend, and be flexible, which is important if you are gardening, or just walking a lot in one day. you don’t want to feel like your shoes are restricting your movement.
However, there are some complaints that the boot is a bit narrow for those with wider calves. If your calves measure over 15.5 inches, it may be a good idea to get a different pair of boots as this was the number one complaint. Too narrow for those who have more muscular calves. The shoes also tend to be snug so it may be a good idea to order one size up. Also, a common complaint of tall boots is that they can be difficult to pull off after wearing them. Don’t worry, they’ll come off you just need to pull a little bit harder the first few times.
  • Durable, waterproof, can withstand a lot of stress, wear and tear.
  • Cute, fashionable.
  • Lightweight, flexible.
  • Comfortable, can walk all day if you need to. Has arch support as well.
  • Great treads, don’t have to be afraid of slippage.


  • Tight in the calf area. Don’t order if your calves measure more than 15.5 inches, it could be snug and feel tight.
  • Boots may feel snug, so it might be a good idea to order one size up, especially if you want to wear heavy socks.
  • Might be difficult to pull off.

If you are looking for tall boots that are wonderfully waterproof, comfortable, stylish, and durable, these boots will be your match. But make sure that they’ll fit your particular body, as each boot has different specifications—the calves, in particular, are what you want to watch out for. No one wants a tight fit around their calf. If you would like to read more reviews, click here.

 Men’s Rain Boots: XTRATUF Performance Series Rain Boots 


best rain boots for walking

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This unique looking, 100% waterproof, slip-resistant, nonmarking Chevron breathable lining is very impressive. The rain boot is designed to be comfortable, breathable, and will keep your feet from stinking up the neighborhood. Some may think the style is not for them, but people become immediately impressed when the slip the shoe on. The pull loops at the front and back make the shoes easy to slip on and off, and they are very lightweight, and ankle height which makes them easy for walking.
These were designed as deck boots, but can be worn any time the weather is not its best. For long days gardening, traveling, walking, or on a boat, these are the perfect shoes for outdoor occasions. Many find these shoes to be “badasses” and will keep your feet, warm and dry no matter the season, or reason. Many comment on how ridiculously comfortable they are, making them great shoes for walking. One complaint is that they may fit narrow to some people, so it might be a good idea to get a 1/2 to 1 full size bigger.
  • Extremely comfortable, great for walking
  • 100% waterproof, easy to slip on and off.
  • Great for anyone who works outdoors, on boats, fishing, gardening, or walking.
  • Great tread and traction.
  • Very lightweight and breathable.


  • May be too narrow for some. Try and order 1/2 to 1 size up.

If you are looking for the ultimate comfortable rain boot for long walks, traveling, gardening, or any outdoor activity, these are the boots you should buy. People love these boots and for good reason, they are durable, waterproof, and comfortable. Check out some of the reviews here.


Sperry Top-Sider Men’s Decoy Rain Boot 

best rain boot for walkingThe Top-Sider is a stylish, classic mixture of rubber and leather materials with a rubber sole. This shoe is a great design and an overall great boot for anyone who wants to look stylish while working in the garden, on the house, traveling, fishing, or general outdoor fun. The seam-sealed waterproof construction keeps your feet dry and warm, thermal insulation, and with great traction.
Honestly, most people probably buy these boots because they look cooler than your average rain boot, but luckily they are also of great quality. These run a bit small, so buy a size bigger to make sure your feet fit nicely. The shoes are also comfy, making them great for walking long distances in rainy, gray weather.
  • Stylish, great combo of leather and rubber.
  • Comfortable, good for walking, gardening, or any outdoor activity.
  • Run a bit small, better to order 1 size up.

Sperry is a reputable brand and makes great shoes. For those who are looking for comfortable rain boots, as long as you get the right size, these are a great choice to meet both style and comfort requirements. To look at reviews, click here.

Tretorn Men’s Gus Rain Boot

best rain boots for walking

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Tretorns are one of my favorite shoe brands in the world, their comfort and durability should make anyone want to snag a pair immediately. The Gus rain boot is a rubber, waterproof, ankle high shoe. These are also very durable with added padding which will make them comfortable for walking and other activities such as gardening. There isn’t as much insulation as other boots, so if you live in colder areas, make sure to wear heavy socks. They also run a bit small, so I would suggest ordering a size up.

If you know you’ll be walking through slush and rain, you won’t be disappointed by these boots—they WILL keep your feet dry. They are also stylish ankle boots, making walking easier as well as driving. They may be a bit heavier compared to other rain boots, but the durability can not be contested. If you are going on a trip to Iceland, New Zealand, or anywhere where nature is at the forefront, these would be a great choice for your travels.
  • Extremely durable
  • Stylish
  • Ankle height, making it easier for walking and driving
  • Waterproof


  • Not much insulation, wear thick socks if you live in colder climates
  • Maybe a bit heavier compared to other boots.
  • Run a bit smaller, order 1 size up.


There are so many great options if you are looking for a great rain boot that is made for walking. Rain boots don’t have to just be utilitarian, they can also be comfortable, stylish, and fun. Don’t settle for something just because it has one quality you like, make sure it works for all the aspects you like and want!


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