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The Snake Plant: Sansevieriea trifasciata

  If you have a history of killing plants, completely lack the skills of keeping anything green alive, [...]

Best Low Light Plants

Low Light Plants To The Rescue Unfortunately, not all of us live in climates or homes that provide [...]

What Are Some of the Most Common House Plants?

Always Start With Common House Plants Do you daydream of having an urban oasis filled with plants, shrubs and [...]

Peace Lily House Plant: Spathiphyllum

The Peacy Lily house plant is the option for all seeking clean air, easy to care for plants [...]


Root Rot Treatment

What is root rot? Root Rot is just as it sounds—the rotting away of the roots of the [...]

The Kentia Palm: Howea forsteriana

   Daydreams of Tequila If you daydream sipping tequila along a beach with sunglasses the size of your fist [...]

The English Ivy House Plant: Hedera Helix

English used, NASA approved! During the late 1980’s, NASA began studying houseplants as a way to filter air [...]

Jade Plant (Crassula Ovata)

  Jade is a succulent houseplant, native to South Africa and Mozambique with the philanthropic title the money [...]

houseplants for beginners

Beginner House Plants Blog

The Best House Plants for Beginners

If you’re reading this, you’ve probably spent lots of time trying to figure out the best plants to [...]


Why House Plants?

Hey, Welcome to the HousePlant Girl site! I became interested in plants at a young age, watching my [...]