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Exotic House Plants

The 5 Best Large Houseplants

When it comes to growing houseplants, many imagine the tall and large sprawling trees and bushes that many [...]

How To Grow Mushrooms At Home: A Guide

Mushrooms are some of the most amazing things on this planet and constantly astound me. While not necessarily [...]

How to Care for Air Plants

I’ve recently found myself becoming passionate about air plants, especially as the seasons have changed from fall into [...]

Norfolk Island Pine

The Norfolk Island Pine, otherwise known as your favorite miniature Christmas tree, is a great and often popular [...]

The Best Soil for Orchids

Orchids are a beautiful option for your home and contrary to popular belief aren’t the fragile flowers you [...]

The African Violet

African violet house plants are a beautiful option for indoor plants, making your home more colorful and exciting even [...]

Some Of The Best Exotic House Plants

Get Yourself an Exotic House Plant People always want to know, what are the best house plants, the [...]

The Best Unusual House Plants

You may have heard of the more common house plants, the plants that are best for beginners, or [...]

The Parlor Palm: Chamaedorea elegans

The parlor palm is one of the few palms which make a good house plant, able to adapt [...]

The Best Indoor Palm Trees

What’s The Deal With Indoor Palm Trees? If you live in a climate like mine, chances are you [...]

The Aloe Vera House Plant: Aloe Barbadensis Miller

The Aloe Vera Houseplant Aloe Vera, the plant you think of when you sunburn your entire body after [...]

The Spider Plant: Chlorophytum comosum

History Most likely introduced to Europe by the Swede, Carl Peter Thunberg during the 18th century, the Spider [...]

Peace Lily House Plant: Spathiphyllum

The Peacy Lily house plant is the option for all seeking clean air, easy to care for plants [...]

The Kentia Palm: Howea forsteriana

   Daydreams of Tequila If you daydream sipping tequila along a beach with sunglasses the size of your fist [...]