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Gardenia Plant Care

The Gardenia–A Sensitive Flower Gardenia plants are known for their sensitive nature, posing a challenge for even the [...]

A Guide To Flowering House Plants

Flowering House Plants To The Rescue Flowers bring forth an image of happiness, give off delicious fragrance and [...]

A Guide To Succulent Plant Care

Succulents, The Aliens Of The Plant World Some of the most unusual looking and beautiful plants on earth, [...]

An Ultimate Guide To Keeping Your Orchid Alive For More Than A Few Weeks

Why are we so good at killing orchids? We’ve all been there. Fascinated by the beauty and elegance [...]

The Best Small Plants For Indoors

Tiny Plants, Tiny Houses. This post is for the apartment dwellers, tiny home lovers, living-in-a-motorhome type of people. [...]

Purslane: Ma Chi Xian

Sidewalk Weed A common weed found all over the United States and beyond, Purslane is more than just [...]

Best Herb Growing Kits For The Kitchen

  The simplest way to start an indoor garden is to begin in the kitchen and grow things [...]

The Best Pet Friendly Plants

If you have a dog, like I do, chances are you want to keep him safe. Catch up [...]

The Philodendron Houseplant

The Philodendron Is Not An Ordinary Houseplant The beautiful Philodendron plant brings forth an image of home, indoor [...]

Give the Gift of Plants for the Holidays

Plants As Gifts For The Holidays If you’re struggling on what to buy your favorite person this holiday [...]

How to Care for Air Plants

I’ve recently found myself becoming passionate about air plants, especially as the seasons have changed from fall into [...]

What Are Great Indoor Plants For Your Bedroom?

Are There Great Indoor Plants For Your Bedroom? Our bedrooms are our most important room, a sanctuary, the [...]

The Best Soil for Orchids

Orchids are a beautiful option for your home and contrary to popular belief aren’t the fragile flowers you [...]

The Golden Pothos: Scindapsus aureus

Probably one of the most house plant-iest of house plants, the Golden Pothos looks like it belongs in your [...]

The African Violet

African violet house plants are a beautiful option for indoor plants, making your home more colorful and exciting even [...]