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The Hindu Indian Rope Plant | Houseplant Girl

The Hindu Indian Rope Plant Also known as the: Hoya plant” or the “wax plant”, the Hindu Indian [...]

A Guide To Succulent Plant Care

Succulents, The Aliens Of The Plant World Some of the most unusual looking and beautiful plants on earth, [...]

The Best Small Plants For Indoors

Tiny Plants, Tiny Houses. This post is for the apartment dwellers, tiny home lovers, living-in-a-motorhome type of people. [...]

The Aloe Vera House Plant: Aloe Barbadensis Miller

The Aloe Vera Houseplant Aloe Vera, the plant you think of when you sunburn your entire body after [...]

The Snake Plant: Sansevieriea trifasciata

  If you have a history of killing plants, completely lack the skills of keeping anything green alive, [...]

Jade Plant (Crassula Ovata)

  Jade is a succulent houseplant, native to South Africa and Mozambique with the philanthropic title the money [...]